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Rollpocalypse Info Inside!

Welcome to our Community!

Our mission is simple.
Spread the stoke for quad skating in skateparks.  We promote rad roller skaters shredding up skate parks and bowls on their quad skates throughout the world! 

We have a CIB Community of over 300 international Chapters. CIB is the premier skatepark hardware brand since 2014. Join us on our journey to enhance the skatepark experience! #spreadthestoke

Enhance the skating experience

CIB has been making hardware since 2014 and we set out with the sole goal of enhancing the park skating experience for quad roller skaters!  We have innovated the Slide game, enhanced the Grind game and developed a line of wheels that will take your skating to a new level.  Be sure to reach out to your local skate shop to get your hands on hardware that will take your skating to the coping, and beyond!