Photographer of the Month May: Alex DeBono

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Photographer of the Month May: Alex DeBono

We're going down under for this months photographer! 
Alex got his start in Phoenix, Arizona capturing amazing portraits of the Banked track derby scene. Upon meeting some CIB skaters he started to explore a new realm and shortly after moved to Melbourne, Australia where he hooked up with the local CIB Melbourne Chapter and started to expand his park shooting!
Read on to check out some of Alex's work and the stories behind his insane captures. 

Name: Alex DeBono
Alias: Banked Shots
Instagram: @bankedshots
Location: Melbourne, Australia

 Garry Manfroid, Captured by Alex DeBono
Garry Manfroid captured by Alex DeBono

How did you get into skatepark photography?
I started shooting Skate park photos though Roller Derby, I knew a few skaters and one of my co workers shot roller derby so I started doing that and then one of the skaters told me I should come out to the skate park and shoot some of the CIB crew, and here I am.

Favourite image and why?
That would have to be the shot of Fink and the Zen Air. It was completely unplanned i didn't know what he was planning on doing i was just sitting on the edge of the bowl and thankfully i had the right lens on as be just popped up out of the bowl and as soon as i saw the shot on the back of the camera I knew it was an awesome shot.

Fink by Alex DeBono CIB
Fink in a Zen Air by Alex DeBono
What is your favourite thing about capturing roller skaters?
I love capturing newer skaters, or even experienced skaters when they are learning something new and finally nail it for the first time and capturing that reaction.

Biggest influences or inspirations? 
A lot of my creative influences these days come from creatives on YouTube, I will pretty much always have a video or Vlog playing in the background while i am editing or just hanging out. Helps to find new outlets and inspiration for new projects.

Nikita Woolcock by Alex DeBono CIB Skate Team
Nikita at the Megaranch by Alex DeBono

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