Photographer of the Month July: Tristan King

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Photographer of the Month July: Tristan King

Tristan King has been shooting skateparks since the scene first re-boomed back in the mid-'10s. His passion for capturing meet-ups hasn't dwindled as he continues to have a presence at 90% of the skating events around him! We've always so stoked when we see an album come out from a session, knowing it's going to have an eclectic covering of skaters present showing their unique skills and styles. 

Name: Tristan King
Alias: TK 
Instagram: @


Location: Southern California, USA

Cover photo: 
Olivia Wardlow and Shelby with a double aerial out of the bowl

When did you first pick up a camera?

2009 when I got envious of several friends taking amazing photos I decided to follow suit


What inspired you to take up skatepark photography?

Besides being fun, dynamic and allows for a lot of creativity it allowed me to stay connected to the skating community after an old knee injury grounded me from skateboarding.  Also, the community is made up of a bunch of amazing empowering folks that I am proud to be a part of.

Skater: TBC 

Who are your biggest influences?

George Media (Soul Captor), Kevin Bouffard (Ghost), Marshall Garlington (FXMIXER)


What do you enjoy the most about photography?

I love the versatility and challenge of art. I love that 20 people can be taking a picture of the same thing at the same time and each one can have a different final product.

 Skater: Hayley Havick

What has been your favorite session to date?

Probably the joint CIB LA and San Diego meet up at Alex Roads Skatepark earlier this year. So many amazing people in one spot.


Favorite trick to capture?

I don’t have one. One of the things I love best about this sport is that new tricks are being created all the time.

 Skater: Alyssa

Dream trick to capture?

Olivia (Wardlow) hasn’t created it yet.


If you could only shoot one skatepark for the rest of your shooting days, which one and why?

I love discovering new parks and skate spots and couldn’t even imagine being restricted to one!


Skater: Kiana Maxwell

Thank you, TK for all you do to capture and promote our scene!

*Note we're still waiting to confirm the skater profiles linked to these images. If you're in the pics or can identify the skaters feel free to comment below and we'll update the blog!

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