Photographer of the Month June: Kevin Bouffard

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Photographer of the Month June: Kevin Bouffard

Oh, Canada! You bring us maple syrup, double denim, and Kevin Bouffard. 
This month, we're so heckin' excited to share the work of Ghost Behind The Lens. He's only been shooting in the scene for around 2 years, but what he's managed to capture, never ceases to amaze us. Hailing from Ontario, Kevin first busted into the scene with amazing ice images of his wife Chloe aka Skatey McSkateface, and since then, the duo has been wowing us with the creative and dynamic captures of their travels. 
Read on to check out some of Kevin's work, and be sure to follow his pages to stay in the loop for future escapades.

Name: Kevin Bouffard
Alias: Ghost Behind The Lens
Instagram: @ghostbehindthelens
Location: Ontario, Canada

Cover photo: 
Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
2018, Chloe, judo air to fakie over the gap

When did you first pick up a camera?
I first picked up a camera about 8 years ago, put it down for a few years and started back up about a year and a half ago.
Calgary, Alberta, Canada, 2018, Livvyskates air to fakie

What inspired you to take up skatepark photography?
My partner Chloe, (@skateymcskateface) needed some photos lol

Nevermind BCN, Barcelona, Spain, 2018, Chloe, 5-0

Who are your biggest influences? (photographers/artists/athletes/etc)
A photographer influence that stands out the most for me would be Lorenz Holder (@lorenzholder) on Instagram.  Go check him out. 
Rye Airfield, New Hampshire, USA,  2018, Ace "backhandspring thing" lol
What has been your favorite session to date?
I'd have to say it was shooting at Nevermind BCN in Barcelona.  It was a challenge to get the lighting right to really do the place justice.  
Nevermind BCN Barcelona, Spain, 2018, Indy ho-ho split thing

Favorite trick to capture?
I can't say that I have a favorite trick but my favorite photo to date would be Nick's (@nickthemedics) invert in the 14ft vert ramp at Rye.
Rye Airfield, 2018, Nick, One hand invert

Dream trick to capture?
Still waiting for someone to McTwist 4-6 feet out of a vert ramp.  *cough**enzo**cough*
Venice, California, 2018, Travis,  air to fakie over the gap

If you could only shoot one skatepark for the rest of your shooting days, which one and why?
I'd probably just stop shooting skate stuff, to be honest!
My favorite part is shooting in new locations. 

Rye Airfield, New Hampshire, USA, 2019, Oliva, 180 split air

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