CIB Skater of the Month August: Luz Maria

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CIB Skater of the Month August: Luz Maria

Chicks in Bowls Skater of the Month Luz Maria is a junior derby skater turned absolute shredder!

Luz has been on our radar for some months now but you might have missed her posts because this internet-savvy teen often combines cute selfies as the headers of her insanely sick skating lines! Our team was not fooled and has been drolling over the radical skating and could not wait to share her with ya'll!

Name: Luz Maria
Name: Luzilla
Instagram: @luz.klx
Chapter: CIB Hamburg



When did you discover roller skating?

Two years ago I started skating with my mom´s 80ies Rollerskates- just cruising around in my hometown. It felt so natural to be on four wheels, that I soon started some tricks like stalls. 

In 2017 the St.Pauli Harbor Girls launched a Junior Roller Derby Team and I became a member from the first day on.

Within no time I was wearing my skates more often than my shoes. And I changed the old skates in favor of some more professional skates.


What transitioned you to skateparks?

The skates became better and so did I. It was about time, looking for new challenges. I started ramp skating 1 1/2 year ago in the skate hall Thomas i Punkt in Hamburg. The first tries on the ramp were like "oh-my-gooooood", but I never gave up.

I was really excited about the warm welcome and support from the other skaters. That encouraged me and I made my way from the smallest ramps to the “monster” ramp within 6 months.



Tell us about your local skate scene

We have some great skateparks in Hamburg. There is a strong company in the scene and it always feels like coming home, when I am in the skate parks.

At the moment the CIB crew is still small in Hamburg. I really think that we could tolerate some more girls in the local skate scene. So, "pls girrrls get on the skates and discover bruises as a new accessory!”


What inspires and influences do you attribute to your skating?

From the beginning on it felt like Roller skating is made for me. I like the challenge and I love the feeling of succeeding a new trick. Skating frees my mind.


What does ‘Spread the stoke’ mean to you?

The support in the skating scene is really amazing. It doesn´t matter if you are very skilled or not. Everybody will help you to achieve the best results.


If you had one piece of advice to new skaters what would it be?

Never stop trying! No risk no fun!

Describe what skating means to you in three words!

Friends, fun, freedom

Greeeetings from Hamburg


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