Skater of the Month Dec: Chiqui

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Skater of the Month Dec: Chiqui

We first rolled across Chiqui early this year when she sent us a link to her youtube edit (linked below) and since then we've been enamored with her edgy style and street antics.

She sees the world as a skatepark and creates obstacles out of everyday items. We are so honored to celebrate her skating as our Skater of the Month for December. We cannot wait to see what comes next for this absolute shredder. 

Name: Barbara Villarroel
Alias: Chiqui
Pronouns: she/her
Location: Cordoba, Argentina
Chapter: CIB Argentina
Social: @chiqu.i

Chicqui Air

Q: When did you discover roller skating?
A: In 2017 I saw a Michelle Steilen video and fell in love with it

Q: Tell us how you transitioned to park skating?
A: I used to do inline skating in the street (because there are no skateparks in the city where I grew up) and when I moved to Cordoba, I didn't hesitate for a second to go to know the Sarmiento SkatePark, it was like entering paradise hahaha

Q: What is your local skate scene like?
A: There's a group of about 100 people, a lot. We are a very warm and companion team, we skate in skateparks and in the street, we participate in events, music festivals, we have a lot of fun. We have the support of a photographer and filmer Nicolas Hernández who produces almost all the material you see in the Quadskate Cordoba Instagram, the photos that I send you now are captured by him. We are very grateful for the support he gives us. We can´t skate together every day because it's impossible to coordinate 100 people, but whenever we can we make events, meetings. This weekend (December 6, 7 and 8) we organize the first national quad skate meeting in Cordoba, people come from loads of provinces of Argentina, it will be beautiful. 

Q: Biggest inspirations and influences that you attribute to your skating: 
Michelle Steilen @estrojen
Barbie Patin @barbie.patin
Katja @kateskates
Katie Biard @bambibloodlust

Q: Favourite obstacles to skate?
A: Street skating! Rails, stairs, things to jump over.

Q: Signature style! What kind of tricks do you love the most?
A: Fakie 360, soul grind, cartwheel

Q: Are there any tricks or skating styles that elude you?
A: Backflips, 540's, and a lot of slides hahaha

Q: What does ‘Spread the stoke’ mean to you?
A: It means to motivate people around you, help them and spread all that skating makes you feel.

Tell us your favourite thing about roller skating: 
A: What I like most about rollerskate is that it frees me, gives me confidence in myself, clears my head and brought me closer to incredible people

Q: Describe what skating means to you in three words! 

Photographers Credit: Nicholas Hernandez @so.niic

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