CIB Skater of the Month July: Hasley Joseph

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CIB Skater of the Month July: Hasley Joseph

Chicks in Bowls Skater of the Month Hasely Joseph hails from Boston!

She popped up on our radar after continuously ending up in the feed for the #cibtrickofthemonth. The creative and unique entries and ability to give everything a try made her stick out of the crowd. Since then we've seen her working to expand her local skater community. We can't wait to watch this skater continue to set the bar high and take her skating to new heights! 

Name: Hasley Joseph
Instagram: @


Chapter: CIB Boston

What brought you into the skating world?
Once upon a time in a land far, far away, I played Roller Derby! However, I’ve always been a fan of wheels underneath my feet; from Roller Blades to skateboarding then finally roller skates!!! I was terrible at the former two, however, Roller Skates responded well with my body!

What transitioned you to skateparks? 
After four years of being off skates, my friend took me to Kona Skate Park, and that piqued my interest. 6months later, on April 6, 2018, I went to a CIB Jacksonville meet up and rekindled my love with roller skates. We’ve been happy together since!


What is your local skate scene like?
I currently skate with CIB Boston. We are a shmedium group with a big heart! I recently just became part of the Admin team for the Chapter with aspirations to get more active. I’m hoping to spread the word and stoke, to our neighboring skaters that may not have people to skate with. Skating has shined a light into my soul. I’m so grateful for and inspired by this community and I want to give back!!


What inspires and influences do you attribute to your skating?
Primarily meeting other skaters! I’ve met so many amazing humans through the wonderful world of chicks in bowls. I have learned so much from my peers! Coincidentally, I get so much joy from helping others learn too! So feel free to DM me, if you’re local or visiting and want to skate!

Favorite #CIBTRICKOFTHEMONTH challenge so far!
Slides, hands down!!! Which is why I was beyond flattered, honored and excited to be Skater of the Month for July, the month of Slides!

What does ‘Spread the stoke’ mean to you?
Share knowledge and love!!! Help other skaters fall in love with skating, by helping them to achieve their skate goals! As a community, we are only as strong as our weakest link. So let’s celebrate our diversity and grow together!!

If you had one piece of advice to new skaters what would it be?
Instead of focusing on what you cannot do, focus on what you can do, perfect that and expand! I promise you, you’ll feel better about yourself!


Describe what skating means to you in three words!
My Happy Place!!


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