Skater of the Month Nov: Lil Miss Fiasco

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Skater of the Month Nov: Lil Miss Fiasco

In the grand scheme of things, Tamara might be considered reasonably new to the skate scene, only transitioning to park skating in 2017, but she's fast become one of our favorite skaters to watch shred! We've been following her journey and think we should point out that she's not even close to a fiasco when it comes to rolling. Possibly some of the smoothest rail Slides we've seen, which is probably how she took out the #CIBtrickofthemonth Slides challenge back in July. Get to know her a little better as our Skater of the Month for November!

Name: Tamara Morelle
Alias: Lil Miss Fiasco
Pronouns: she/her
Location: Santa Rosa, California
Chapter: CIB Bay Area
Social: @lil_miss_fiasco

Q: When did you discover roller skating?
A: I grew up going to ice and roller rinks here and there as a little kid, but it wasn't until my mid 20's that I really discovered a passion for roller skating. I was going through a rough time in my life and needed something positive to get me out of my house and keep me going. So a couple of gal pals and I decided to meet up every week at the skating rink. I remember seeing a skater doing grapevines there. It was mesmerizing, I needed to learn how to skate like that. I was hooked.

Q: Tell us how you transitioned to park skating?
A: I saw people rollerskating on ramps through social media a few years ago, but for a while, I didn't know where to start and didn't feel comfortable going alone. I eventually linked up with Atomic and Nick the Medic and Rosie Road Rash and gave it a try right before going to my first Roller Con in 2017. That trip was a total last-minute, impulse decision, but the crazy thing was that I got super lucky and won the Black and Blue Ball raffle, ended up with a new pair of Moxi Jacks. That was like a sign. I didn't choose the park skating life, the park skating life chose me.

Q: What is your local skate scene like?
A: The Bay Area's got a friendly, formidable skate scene. We're blessed to have a lot of really great skate parks all around the Bay Area, and on any given day you're likely to find someone on quads out there putting them to good use! There's a lot of talent and creativity.

Lil Miss Fiasco with a rail grind by Dave Rollins

Q: Biggest inspirations and influences that you attribute to your skating?
A: I skate with Max a lot, so naturally he's a really big influence. He's full of ideas and can offer really great feedback and advice. I wouldn't be nearly as confident skating as I am now if he wasn't helping me push my progression. Kid Ace really inspires me to take better care of my body, and enjoy skating to the fullest. Like, she's always got the biggest smile when she's skating, it's awesome. Those two have throw down some wicked doubles together too. Nick the Medic is a big influence too. From sandal skates to gnarly grinds, his passion for skating is outrageous and contagious.

Q: Favorite #CIBTRICKOFTHEMONTH challenge so far?
A: Slides! I just love slides!

Q: Are there any tricks or skating styles that elude you?
A: Anything that involves going upside down tends to give me some trouble, like ho ho's and inverts and cartwheels... oh my! My body will initiate and my brain will just go "NOPE”! Side stance is also pretty elusive. I'm working on it and slowly getting better... at cruising around in a big circle on flat ground. So I don't think I'll be dropping in side stance any time soon!

Q: What does ‘Spread the stoke’ mean to you?
A: We all have a fire that burns inside of us, our love for skating. It burns brighter when we're achieving our goals and having fun. That ecstatic feeling is totally empathetic and when we're stoked, the fire spreads. It can even ignite in others who may not have had that spark before. That's how I got hooked on rollerskating.

Q: We notice you sesh with Max a lot! Tell us your favorite thing about skating with a buddy.
A: We feed off each other's energy. Sometimes it's the pure excitement of the tricks we're trying that pushes us to skate our best. Sometimes it's literally just feeding off each other's energy drinks. I think that's why Max dents his cans now, so I'll know which one isn't mine.

Q: Describe what skating means to you in three words!
A: Freedom over everything

Lil Miss Fiasco with a massive air - Photo by Dave Rollins

Cover photo: Marshall Garlington / @fxmixer 
Blog photos: Dave Rollins / @cinedar
Video credit: Max Mead / @maxx_mead

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