CIB Webstore Closure

CIB Webstore Closure

Hello Community! 

As this Covid19 situation continues to develop, we are trying to look out for what’s best for our community. Aotearoa is currently in a Level 3 Quarantine, and yesterday the NZ Prime Minister, Jacinda Ardern, announced by Wednesday (once they ensure all essential services are in place), NZ will move to level 4 for the next four weeks.. Our stockroom is based in Tāmaki Makaurau (Auckland, NZ) and as of today, we are shutting up shop during this time to protect our crew and limit the risk of contamination or spread. Once this alert status has ended we plan to open our online store again.

What this means for CIB, as of today, will be closing its webstore. Our site will still be live and all blogs and tutorials will stay up (some great self-isolation reading up there) and maybe we’ll be able to create some fun content during this time to inspire you for when this all comes to an end. 

For anyone who has an order in place, our stockroom manager, Sophie, will be working one last day in the office fulfilling orders and then we’ll contact anyone who’s orders still stand to update with a timeline or refund options. 

We will also not be taking any submissions for new Chapter Applications during this time. Flammers will be working limited hours during this time. She’s been an amazing addition to our tiny team and we hope to increase the hours, maintain and grow with her in this role when things are back up and rolling. 

This is a hard decision to make. As a small business owner it pains me to have to end or limit work for members of our team who are so valued.

Thank you to all those who have shown support to CIB over the last 5 years (or 7 if you go by Instagram). When things settle, we hope to be able to resume and continue growing, but it might take a little while to get back on our wheels. We are a small company and we know our community is being impacted by this pandemic on many levels. 

Our hearts go out to all skate shops and fellow small businesses who we know are also struggling during this time. We want to thank you all for supporting this little skate company from NZ and seeing the potential in us! We would not be where we are without your support and know that we have your backs and will do our best to help you get rolling when this time comes to an end. 

To our Chapters, we ask that you continue to lead by example. Please don’t host sessions during this time of required isolation. Please continue to follow all recommended health and safety requirements from your local agencies and if you do still have access to skate, please, for quad sakes, wear your gear! 

Be safe. Be kind. Be considerate. 


Trample - Founder and CEO, CIB Crew

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