Re-introducing the Charitee

Re-introducing the Charitee

So often as a start-up you are faced with finding ways to share your values while recognizing you don’t have a huge budget to spend on doing good. 

Over the last few years, we have participated in giveaways, auctions, given cash and in-kind donations, done promotions that we used proceeds from to donate to causes we care about and even a few specially designed products for certain charities. 

People are people regardless of gender, age, ethnicity, or all the differences. Because of that, we want to support causes that face into health care & mental wellbeing, human rights, and access for all people regardless to experience the stoke of park skating

But the thing about each of these approaches is how hard they are to manage, scale and most importantly, transparently measure and communicate. One-off approaches to great works are a good start, but as a company and a member of our community, we want to do something every day that makes our world better.

We believe that everyone should be welcome and have access to come out skate and learn. Plus, cheering is in our DNA, so how can we live our values out into the wider world? We launched the Charitee quietly and without a lot of bluster as a trial to see if we could make something happen from our little base in Aotearoa NZ.

Equally important to living these values is to make sure we scale our community contributions alongside our growth as a company. In March of this year, we introduced the Charitee. $10NZD from the sale of every shirt goes to the cause of the quarter. As we grow, so does the good we can do.

Between March and September 2019 (our first two quarters) we sold 67 shirts meaning we have donated $670 to the victims of the Christchurch Attack and to Planned Parenthood. Two causes we really believe in. 

We’d like to triple that for the remainder of the year.

October-December we will be supporting Rainbow Youth.


At CIB we have always stood for inclusion. So now we want to include you in the conversation. If you want to help us contribute to the communities in which we live and skate, you can grab a Charitee for yourself and know in your heart it’s supporting a good cause. We also want hear from you as to what causes you think we should support? Tell us in the comments below! 

Look cool. Do good. 

#SpreadTheStoke. #CIBCharitee

Erin Burrell (she/her/hers)

CIB Crew Director

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