Rollpocalypse! CIB + Etnies Collab for Competition

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Rollpocalypse! CIB + Etnies Collab for Competition

(Photo Credit: Brad Gunnett, Athlete @kianayouwanna (Kiana Maxwell)

Etnies Skatepark of Lake Forest, CA is excited to partner with Community in Bowls Crew (CIB Crew) to host our first-ever quads-only park skating competition on June 18, 2022 - Rollpocalypse

CIB Crew has been cultivating spaces for quad roller skating athletes in skateparks for over a decade, and we’re stoked to finally bring the competition structure we've been working on for the past two years to our community--thanks to Etnies!

Rollpocalypse is an action-packed daylong event featuring both street and park competitive pathways and highlighting the skill and diversity of talent in our roller skating community. This event was born out of CIB community input and the desire for more opportunities for quad skaters to participate in competitions. . 

Rollpocalypse Competition Levels:

  • Level 1 features skaters who can combine tricks such as stalls, carves, and slides into creative lines in the bowl or on the street course. 
  • Level 2 features skaters who can execute trick combinations into lines that include grinds, airs, rotations, and inversions.
  • Level 3 highlights skaters who can effectively combine advanced tricks in challenging runs that exhibit personal style and artistry.

Rollpocalypse Courses:

  • Street: Etnies Skatepark has a stellar collection of stairs, rails, boxes, and more to spark creativity and style for all those skaters dreaming about creating shredding their way into our hearts in the street comp.
  • Bowl: Etnies has multiple amazing bowls to shred, with bowls for each competition level

Choose your competition level and your course when you register! Etnies Skatepark features some of the most gorgeous and challenging street elements you can find in Southern California, plus two competition bowls for competitors to shred! 

Registration is $40 and supports the City of Lake Forest’s continuing mission to provide an awesome skatepark experience to the SoCal skate community! CIB Crew also has a number of community passes available for folks needing financial assistance to participate in the event. Email for more info! 

All ages are welcome; helmets and knee pads required. Skaters must sign Etnies Skatepark waiver to compete which you can find here.


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  • Kara Clemons

    I can’t make this but if I could I would be there in a heartbeat! I just wanted to drop a line and say thank you to the organizers of this and I can’t wait to see clips from this competition! It is so cool to see a quads only comp like this! Thank you from the CiB Nashville Crew!

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