Slide Block Comp-art-ition Winners!

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Slide Block Comp-art-ition Winners!

Our first Slide Block Sticker Design Competiton has come to an end! 

With over 1629 comments resulting in almost 1800 votes, we had a fierce match off between the 6 finalist designs (see here)
We even had some cheeky buggers try and sneak extra votes in, but luckily we weeded out the spam and the final count off rounded off in this order.

#1 Diana Colorado - Fly
#2 Philipp Schmid - Melon Madness 
#3 Fuadruple - Monster Eyes 

Big congratulations to all our finalists.
We loved being able to share your designs with the community. 

The winning designs are attached below! Be sure to share your comments below to congratulate the artists!

Slide Block stickers will be launching live at RollerCon and available for preorder online now! 

Diana Colorado - Fly (double-sided design) [PREORDER]CIB SlideBlockComp - Diana

Philipp Schmid - Melon Madness [PREORDER]
CIB SlideBlockComp - Phillip

Fuadruple - Monster Eyes [PREORDER]CIB SlideBlockComp - Fuadruple


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