Slide Block Comp-art-ition Finalists

Slide Block Comp-art-ition Finalists

With over 50 amazing entrants our team had to slim it down to a round of finalists. The task was not easy! Thank you to ALL the creatives who sent through their ideas! 

We've picked 6 finalists who will be going into the voting round! 
To vote, please commenting in this blog [below] with the "Title" (which is bold above each image). We will only count THREE votes per person. Voting will be closing at midnight on the 30th of June and we'll be announcing winners shortly after. 

Fun Fact: Jade Young (@jadeolantern) won our first competition in 2017 and we've been commissioning designs off her ever since! You might recognize her from such designs as Speed Demon, Drain Your Pools and this summers Hot As Hell (coming to a RollerCon near you!)

Are you ready to meet your finalists!!! 

Breanna Simons - Citrus Slices
CIB SlideBlockComp - Breanna Simons


Diana Colorado - Fly (double-sided design)
CIB SlideBlockComp - Diana

Fuadruple - Monster Eyes
CIB SlideBlockComp - Fuadruple


Morgan Stinson - Technicolor 
CIB SlideBlockComp - Morgan

 Philipp Schmid - Melon Madness
CIB SlideBlockComp - Phillip

Veronika Grenzebach - Lips
CIB SlideBlockComp - Veronika

Comment below with the name/or title of an artwork that you want to see WIN and go to print!

Congratulations to all our finalists, and again, thank you to all who entered!

For more details on how this competition works, head to the original blog linked here


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  • Mouse

    Citrus slices

  • Catalina Pérez

    “Fly” muy cool 👌🏻

  • Catalina Pérez

    “Fly” muy cool 👌🏻

  • Fee

    FUADRUPLE – monster eyes (vote 3)

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