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As you may know, the #cibtrickofthemonth is the ‘Weddle Grab.’ This trick was formerly named the ‘Mute Grab.’ The original trick name is a term that is both audist and ableist and dishonoured the skater it was named after.  We need to be accountable to the fact that by simply updating the trick list with only a brief note, we perpetuated the erasure of disabled skaters. 

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Kicking off 2020 in style! This year we're excited to share extra tips, trick info and inspiring shots for our #CIBTRICKOFTHEMONTH  If you haven't heard of EstroJen, then its time to climb out of the rock you've been living under. Founder of Moxi Roller Skates and one of the most notable quad shredders from our generation of park skaters. We're honored to be able to chat with this month's trick-creator and share their top tricks for their name-sake trick! Read on and get inspired for the Trick of the Month: EstroKick Filmed by: Miguel Camina (@miguelcamina)Music by: Kate Bollinger - TestsImage...

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With the recent conversations regarding CIB, we have taken some time to step back and look at our community, its brand, mission, and goals. Inclusivity has always been a priority for us, however, we haven’t always represented that in our actions as well as we could have. As of today, our social pages, hashtags and language will all reflect these changes. That is just the start. 

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