Trick History: Weddle Grab

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Trick History: Weddle Grab

CW: ableism, audism.

Chris Weddle - Weddle Grab - Image from Deaf Skateboards

As you may know, the #cibtrickofthemonth (December, 2020) is the ‘Weddle Grab.’ This trick was formerly named the ‘Mute Grab’ (adapted from skateboarding terminology). The original trick name is a term that is both audist (discrimination or prejudice against individuals who are deaf or hard of hearing) and ableist (discrimination that favors able-bodied or non-disabled people) and did nothing to honour the skater it was named after. Earlier in 2020, Tony Hawk petitioned to change the trick name to the ‘Weddle Grab’ to honour Chris Weddle, a deaf skateboarder who the trick was originally named after (read more about this in an Indy100 article - click here). It is important to note that while this change is necessary, we, as a community need to acknowledge the hurt caused by the previous trick name, and be accountable to the fact that by failing to recognize this in our original post, we perpetuated the erasure of disabled skaters.
[Image: Chris Weddle, Weddle Grab, Resource: Deaf Skateboards]


In 2014, with the help of a number of people in the roller skate community, CIB constructed the CIB Tricktionary. We modelled this after similar lists that existed within skateboarding communities. We did not, however, consider the impacts of some terminology, and instead perpetuated terms that have continued to cause harm to many skaters and community members. When we posted the updated trick name, we highlighted the terminology update, but did not acknowledge the harmful history of the term. By glossing over this, we actively participated in the continued erasure of Deaf/deaf, and disabled skaters, and in particular, Chris Weddle. We want to acknowledge the harm that we have caused as a result of erasing the ableist and audist history of this term, and sincerely apologise to the deaf, and disabled communities for our inclusion of this term in our trick list. We would also like to thank Lady Dirtt who brought this important and necessary change to us,  worked with CIB to update the CIB Tricktionary, and provided this radical capture of it in motion. We also would like to thank MrNiceGirl who brought to our attention the ways in which our previous listing was continuing to erase the history of the Weddle Grab, and the harmful and stigmatizing language we have perpetuated.

Lady Dirtt - Weddle Grab

To action a response to the above, we (CIB) are in the process of continuing to critically analyze the terms within our Tricktionary with the intention of recognizing harmful, ableist, and otherwise violent and oppressive language, and are working to come up with new terminology that does not perpetuate systemic harm. 

Lady Trample - Weddle Grab - Capture @richvosslerphotography

[image: Lady Trample, Weddle Grab over the Spine, Discovery Skatepark. Capture @richvosslerphotography, 2020]

We are starting with the trick that will formerly be known as the Feeble Grind / Feeble Slide. The CIB Crew Skate Team has curated a list of alternative trick names that do not validate and perpetuate ableist and/or exclusionary language. We reject that language and all that it represents, and understand it is linked to systemic violence. Please vote on your favorite term by Clicking Here. We will be announcing the new trick names early in 2021. 

We are learning and growing. Language is alive, and holds great power and impact. We’re trying to make this community better for everyone. If you have a correction or want to have a conversation with us about regarding language, we invite you to join us as we continue to develop our vocabulary and push back against the oppressive norms that are embedded within our skate communities - email or add it in the comments section of this form (the form is active till Jan 2021). Sincerest thanks to everyone who has helped to hold us accountable.


In solidarity,

The CIB Crew


  • Mie

    I cant understand why so many name of tricks are. From skateboarding the only thing similar. With skateboarding quads have is the trecks, you got more stuff in common with Agressive inline, it’s hard for me to undrestand than all, I come form a Agressive inline world and now riding quads, but is to strange same names of tricks and same of than don’t have names.

  • Will

    In other ‘non-board based’ (skiing and inline) the former term refers to a one footed, one handed grab diagonally across the body (left hand to right foot, or right hand to left foot). Grabbing the same side foot/hand has a different name. The Weddle image shows the cross grab but the CIB gifs show what would be a sort of toe specific ‘safety grab’.

    If Weddle Grab is to replace Mute, then the GIFs need to show a cross grab. This might even help other sports change the term, particularly once the name becomes commonplace in a non-board based sport. Showing the Weddle to be different to the Mute might only cause a branch in trick names with both names existing for a different grab. Or just not gain traction at all in other sports.

  • truth

    I support Tony Hawk’s statement and the new name Weddle grab for skateboarding, but what you are renaming as Weddle grab is not a mute grab on roller skates, it never was a one foot toe grab, therefore we still need a new name to replace what everyone knows as mute.

  • Josh willoughby

    Language is power.
    Language is also an amazing thing, always changing, it can bring a rich pallette to our communication.
    I saw Tony Hawk’s statement on the weddle grab, it was an interesting history lesson. Good on CIB for taking it on and taking action.
    I’m interested to know/understand the sentiment behind the renaming of the feeble grind.

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