2020 Skate Team, Skate Team Announcement -


Introducing Bambi Bloodlust! 

Rolling with CIB since: 2014
Pronouns: She/her
Location: Iowa
Moxi Skate Team
S1 Helmets
Instagram: @bambibloodlust
Youtube: Bambi Bloodlust


About Bambi:

I started skating when I discovered and joined Roller Derby in 2011. I instantly fell ferociously in love with not just derby but rollerskating in general. I don't have a background in skating, but when I started rolling I spent as much time on my skates as humanly possible. In 2013 I found my way on to the ramps and have never looked back. I'm a multi-disciplinary skater active in skateparks, street skating, derby, dance, and long-distance. I love carving fast, catching air, and getting creative in the street. I live for learning grind and slide variations and feel most alive when experimenting on the coping. The feelings I've felt skating are some of the most incredible in my life, I will continue chasing that feeling and following this bliss! I adore coaching and sharing my passion for this sport. Nothing makes me happier than seeing other skaters learn new skills and tapping into that skate magic. I cherish our global community and hope to continue to travel to connect with many more chapters and skaters around the globe. 

Want to get in touch with Bambi for a clinic or session? Hit her up at

Bambi - Quick n Derby

Cover image: @ghostbehindthelens

Images by: @quicknderby