2020 Skate Team, Skate Team Announcement -


Introducing Blizzard! 

Rolling with CIB since: 2018
Pronouns: She/her/they/them
Location: Espoo, Finland
Chapter: CIB Helsinki
Instagram: @theblizzard54
Youtube: 54 The Blizzard


About Blizzard:

Dare me to do a trick and we’ll be friends! I love trying new crazy stuff and having somebody to push you further. Vert is my favorite place and air my favorite element. I cannot keep off skates and I am building my own skatepark in my barn. It already has a mini-ramp and a rail... what next? We get too few guests, so when are you going to visit?

Want to be coached by Blizzard, hit them up at

Blizzard - Air

Images by: Hemmoarttur