2020 Skate Team, Skate Team Announcement -


Introducing Flammers! 

Rolling with CIB since: 2019
Pronouns: She/her
Location: Yorkshire, UK
Chapter: CIB Yorkshire + CIB United Kingdom
Instagram: @flammers10
Youtube: Flammers Ten

 Sam Kent - Carla Mundy

About Sam:

Hey, Flammers here. I have been Roller skating for 10 years now and park for 6 years. I'm so happy to be returning to the CIB Skate Team. I started out at Roller Derby and after a few years I was invited to a skate park and it stole my soul. I'm a bit of a gear nerd, I love to play around with skate parts and products, building skates and park equipment when I have the time. My obsession with trick names and the history of our sport is perpetual. I also do a bit of coaching, which has helped me to travel and meet more skaters. I am based in Yorkshire where I skate with my awesome skate pals. I hope to get to skate with more crews and skaters are always welcome to visit us in England.

Contact Flammers for coaching and mic host invitations.


Images by: Carla Mundy