2020 Skate Team, Skate Team Announcement -


Introducing MoonSun Witch! 

Rolling with CIB since: 2020 🎉
Pronouns: She/her/gender-fluid
Location: Bogota, Colombia
Chapter: CIB Colombia
Triple 8 Quad
Instagram: @moonsun_witch
Youtube: Coming soon!


About MoonSun:

I am excited, it is incredible to achieve your dreams or part of them, I have played roller derby for 10 years. March is my anniversary and 6 years in Roller Skating, I started this modality in the country with the idea that the quads would be empowered of skateparks especially women is a circle where most were men, many women, and independent groups joined me for the evolution and projection of this modality, I have worked in my country with several people to raise the level, visualize the sport I am the creator of Hell on Quads with @ 9_8_6 with whom I work hand in hand and I almost always skate my brother in quads. This year I will continue to project and work for the sport and the whole community in my country.


Get in touch with MoonSun via email to arrange coaching and clinics!

Cover photo: @altruista_ruidosa

Images by: @anticliquezine