2020 Skate Team, Skate Team Announcement -


Introducing Nikita! 

Rolling with CIB since: 2014 🎉
Pronouns: She/her
Location: Adelaide, AUS
Chapter: CIB Adelaide + CIB Melbourne
Triple 8
187 Quad
Nitro Circus
Instagram: @nikita_elaine
Youtube: Nikita Elaine

Nikita - Alex Debono

About Nikita: 

I originally began skating ramps because there was a park out the back of my derby training venue, and have been addicted to the thrill and freedom ever since.

Skating has brought the kindest, most inspiring people into my life. It’s given me perspective and respect for a vastly diverse group of individuals world-wide, be it roller skaters, skateboarders, inliners, scooter riders, bmxers, trampolinists, free runners, dedicated parents, and so many others.

My all-time favorite ramps to ride are vert and megaramps. Somewhat ironically I used to be scared of heights…

For coaching inquiries hit up Nikita at

Images by: Alex Debono