Rose Crooks

2020 Skate Team, Skate Team Announcement -

Rose Crooks

Introducing Rose Crooks! 

Rolling with CIB since: 2018
Pronouns: They/them
Location: Melbourne, Australia (although they are actually a kiwi)
Chapter: CIB Melbourne
Antik (official)
Brunny Hardcore (it’s gonna be a thing!)
S1 (floating) 
Instagram: @cosmiccrooks

Rose Crooks 

About Rose:

Hi I’m Rose I’m a kiwi living in Melbourne Australia and I LOVE SKATING.

After quitting professional rowing I started skating in May 2016 and I have been obsessed ever since!! I skate most days I can and have earned the nickname ‘meet me at the skatepark Crooks’ because you know where I’ll be! I love to skate high fast and hard. Speed and height brings me focus, and calm, helping me stay centered.

When I’m not at the skatepark I’m at the actual park. I work outdoors in the conversation field and I love birds almost as much as I love skating!

I’m really looking forward to the upcoming year and am stoked to have such an awesome crew, Melbourne shred crew around me. Excited to see what we can do and spread the stoke! 


Another Day at Brunny from Manfroid Garry on Vimeo.


Skating Set-up:

Currently role Antik boots with all the CIB gears. I love the vertex wheels for big bowls and the Pro sliders give me speed when I hit the coping and rails. I protect my assets with an S1 lifer helmet and Pro knee pads.

 Rose Crooks - By Keeks

For coaching inquiries, please contact Rose at

Images by: Keeks and Handsome Robbie