CIB Guide: Before You Park Skate on Quads

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CIB Guide: Before You Park Skate on Quads

Be sure you can roll first! 
The skatepark isn't an ideal environment to learn the fundamentals of roller skating. Take a little time to get comfortable on your wheels before you head to the park. A little patience goes a long way! 

Master these skills before you hit the park:

  1. Rolling forwards and backwards on flat ground
  2. Stopping on your toe-stops
  3. Jumping over small items (cones, bags, curbs)
  4. Falling small 

Simple gear fixes to make your first time roll a little smoother. 
Stay tuned for more expansive blogs on gear. 

  1. Tighten up your trucks to avoid death wobbles
  2. Raising your toe-stops will prevent face planting
  3. Pad up. Knee pads and helmet are a good idea, especially for newbs.
  4. Wear the gear that makes you feel safe. Remember kids, safety is sexy!

It's tempting to just rock up and throw yourself in but a little patience goes a long way in the longevity of your park skating experience.
Check out our Youtube Channel for tutorials!

  1. Start inside the bowl. Get a feel for the transition and learn how to pump.
  2. Be prepared to fall. Get low. Lower than you think you need to
  3. Don’t stand up or stiffen when you get nervous, scared or off balance.
  4. Plan B. Work on knee slides. A safe and easy way to drop out of any moment that doesn’t go as planned.

The best piece of advice we can offer is to progress at your own rate and only push yourself to do things that you feel ready to do. You are your only competition in the skatepark, you set the goals and you choose whether you achieve them in one session or many. Building a long and loving relationship with skateparks takes time and patience, grow at your own rate and enjoy the ride!

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