Grind Truck Installation

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Grind Truck Installation

Simply remove existing trucks and replace with CIB Grind Trucks. Certain plates may require the below alterations to make the trucks 'grindable'. Using any of the plates without the asterisk or star will require no modification to the plate. See compatibility list for more details.


If your plate has a hard plastic pivot cup you will need to replace it with soft rubber pivot cup.

These can be purchased from our website or any local skate shop including any of our stockists.

If your plate has the *** marked on the compatibility list then it can require further modification, this can be done by carefully drilling the hole in the plastic pivot cup using a 8-8.5mm drill bit, just enough to allow it to fit the neck of the truck. Alternatively, you can drill into the plate to allow a bigger pivot cup to seat in but we do not recommend trying this if you are not experienced with power tools and or roller skate modifications.

Most skate plates will have kingpins that are too long. There are two options in this circumstance.

Firstly install the Grind Trucks as usual. Measure and mark on the kingpins the length that needs to be trimmed (so there is clearance for the trucks to touch coping). Then you can either take the marked bolt to a hardware shop and purchase a bolt of the correct length, or trim it down using various tools.

Small bushings will help seat the truck nicely. These can be purchased from any local skate shop including any of our stockists.

WARNING: Chicks in Bowls takes no accountability for any damage done to plates, wheels or boots during installation or use. Kingpins may break if they are not trimmed properly. Chicks in Bowls are not responsible for damage due to improper installation. CIB Grind Trucks are designed to be used for aggressive quad skating. Wear and tear will occur. Use responsibly. Do not use while intoxicated. Use at your own risk. If your Grind Trucks are not functioning properly due to a manufacturer defect send them back to us and we will replace them. Warranty does not cover intentional breakage or defects due to misuse of product or incorrect installation.


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