How To Build Your Own Roller Skates

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How To Build Your Own Roller Skates

There are many options for suitable boots and equipment. The most important thing is to have some experience with the tools required for this build. If you're not confident with the tools, phone a friend or contact your local skate shop, they'll have the tools and the know how to put it together right!

Preferably 'high tops' and made from quality leather or suede. Choose a boot that will provide you with the support and durability needed for a good skate. We use Van's Sk8 Hi's as they provide the right support for ramp skating and have proved to be extremely durable. We recommend going up 1/2 a size to allow for the Aluminium insole.

Aluminium Strengthening Insole:
2-3mm insole cut to the exact size of your boot insole. The Insole is what reinforces the boot, making it more skate-able and allows you to mount the plate. Most likely purchased in sheet form. Or if you want to save time and energy you can purchase insoles from us!

Comfort Innersole:
Purchase a new material innersole for comfort and protection. Splash out on something nice that will offer good comfort for long rides.

We like to use the SureGrip Avanti Magnesium Plates but there a number of other makes that work great. 

Custom skate builds can use Wide Trucks. The benefits of wider trucks are added stability and ability to grind. CIB Grind Trucks are designed for specifically for custom skate builds and fit in a variety of different plates.

Sliders/Slide Blocks:
Another optional addition that will take your set up and skating to the next level. Sliders/Slide Blocks make it easier to drop in and stall, but most importantly they enable you to slide along coping, rails and other obstacles. 

Hard and small is what you're looking for.  We have taken our shared experience of skating to design a unique wheel range that takes from the best of artistic, derby and skateboarding, combining our design with a special formula that minimises your chance of flat spots. 


1. PREP:
• Remove the original innersole and laces from the boot.
*Make sure to remove the whole insole including any foam parts that stick to the base. Throw away the original innersole but keep the laces!

• Using the insole mark and cut two new insoles from a sheet of 2-3mm aluminium. If you have purchased Aluminium Insoles you can skip this step.
*Some boots may require an exterior sole to be made. This can be done by cutting out an extra two insoles and mounting them externally between the boot and the plate. To avoid the extra work and weight we recommend choosing boots with a sturdy sole i.e. Van's Sk8 Hi's.

• Insert the aluminium insole into the boot.
• Using the centre of the sole, align your plate and mark out the mounting holes.
*Plate placement is vital to the enjoyment of your ride. Off centre skates will make for a bad time. 

• With the aluminium insole still inside the shoe drill the mounting holes through the boot and insole.
*Make sure not to go through the other side of the boot!

• Remove aluminium insole and countersink all of the mounting holes.
• Trim the toe end off approx. 1-2 cm from end mounting holes.

• Align the Sliders in the centre of the kingpins.
• Mark and drill mounting holes in your Sliders.
• Using hardware provided mount the plate and Sliders to the boot.
*Make sure you have trimmed any excess hardware. 

• Mount Trucks to plate.
• If you are using a plate with hard plastic pivot cups they will need to be swapped out for standard rubber ones.
*Most standard roller skate kingpins need to be shortened to create clearance to grind. You can either purchase shorter kingpins or trim them down. 

• Insert the comfort insoles.
• Add your choice of bearings and wheels.

• Lace up, get out there and start ripping!

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