How To Safely Roller Skate During The Pandemic

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How To Safely Roller Skate During The Pandemic

During this time we are encouraging our Chapters to take necessary steps to be safe, and encouraging members of our community to take precautions when arranging sessions. We have revamped the basic guidelines we shared at the start of this pandemic but they are still very relevant now. If you have a passion for rolling, and you’re lacing up and heading to the skatepark, whether alone or with a crew, we ask the following of you:

    CIB Angel - Protect Yourself

    Mask up if you are sharing a space with other people. It’s not that hard and it protects those around you. Ps if you're looking for fun masks we have a radical collab with Frogmouth AND its buy one, give one! 

    Wear a helmet and safety gear when skating. Many emergency services are already capped out and any efforts you can make to prevent injuries during this time should be taken. Props to @amazon_sk8_132 for this stellar advice!

    CIB Angel - Finger Guns
    Wash your hands after skating (and your pads if its been a while) and try limit physical contact with others…. Basically no high-fives… instead, try finger guns!

    Limit large groups of people! Follow the guidelines set by your local government (especially indoors). Avoid hosting sessions that will take place in confined spaces. If you must, then limit the numbers to ensure social distancing is possible.

    If you feel at all sick or have any risk of exposure, stay home!

    Last but not least, be respectful of the concerns of those around you and don’t force or judge those who choose to self-quarantine or isolate during this period
CIB Angel - Stay Safe

We are so grateful to our Chapters and members of the community who have been leading by example. We are thankful to have the ability to skate through this pandemic as we know it’s been a source of release for many of us. Please do your best to follow these guidelines combined with any extra requirements put in place by the CDC and your local government. We are all in this together and the best way for this to be a strange memory we look back on is for us to take action now and follow the rules. 

Stay safe, be kind and shred hard.

Trample & The CIB Crew

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