Quick Fixes To Turn Your Roller Skates Into Park Ready Quads!

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Quick Fixes To Turn Your Roller Skates Into Park Ready Quads!

It can be hard to know what the best set-up is required to roller skate in skate-parks, especially if you're new to skating.

Whether you're transitioning a set of derby skates or setting up a brand new kit, here are our top 3 quick tweaks to your roller skates that will make your first rolls in the ramp easy breezy! 


    1. Wind up your toe-stops!
      Especially if you’re coming over from Roller Derby, you’re probably used to riding your toe stops pretty low. And if it’s dance or jam skating that you’re crossing over from, then you might not even have any. Either way, the preferred setting for your toe stops is going to be short stem and wound up high; this will ensure that your stopper doesn’t catch on the transition and well, stop you! Be sure not to wind it to high into the plate, though, as it will roll into your boot potentially causing discomfort or damage.

    2. Roll in your oldest wheels first! 
      Before committing to purchasing a set of fancy park-specific wheels, take out your crappy old outdoor wheels, or if they're new skates, use what they came with (as they're likely sticky). The first few times on a ramp can be pretty intimidating, and while we 1000% recommend that you switch to smaller, harder wheels for park skating, we recommend that you spend at least a few sessions getting your form right, without all that speed! Plus, that way, when you are ready to upgrade and get that extra boost of speed, you know for sure that its money well spent on something you're absolutely in love with!

    3. Skate protectors save your skates!
      If you’re rolling on skates that you use for multiple purposes, eg Derby, Jam, or Rink Skating, and/or you want to extend the life of your boots, then think about investing in a toe guard of some kind! There are several great brands out there who have designed guard that won’t ruin the look of your skates but will ensure that any ground contact and damage doesn’t go straight onto the boot itself! You can thank us later. They also can extend the life of your laces, so you're not changing out every single session!

And the very last piece of unsolicited advice: Wear your safety gear! It is especially important for newer park skaters. Helmets, kneepads, wrist, and elbows! They will protect your brain and body, ensuring you can skate longer. Believe me, when I say, this shit is fun, and we want you to be able to shred till you’re old and grey, not till your knees give out in your mid-thirties because you think kneepads look lame 😘

So these are my top fixes, but we want to know yours!

Tell us in the comments below! 

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