CIB Roller Skate Tricktionary [moved]

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CIB Roller Skate Tricktionary [moved]

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  • Patty

    This list is great. This blog is so helpful. Keep it up! =)

  • Hermine Danger

    Hi! My english is so bad and it will be nice for all tricks to see a gif. Its so hard for me to imagine and understand. Thanks a lot ❤

  • Smashley Pumpkins

    Would love to see a list of toe stop tricks..anyone find one ever?

  • Daeja

    Here’s a link to a video of Ragnaroll demonstrating how to do some of the tricks if anyone wanted some more in depth visuals. He’s so good.

  • IvyK

    This is wicked. Iv been calling my fakie invert attempts the gecko cause ya kinda look like a gecko on the wall until you get to the stage of legs in the air.

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