So you want to learn to Ramp Skate...

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So you want to learn to Ramp Skate...

Traditionally we would encourage you to start inside the bowl and work your way up to the coping before learning to drop in, which is totally right... if you're already a capable roller skater! But for those that aren't yet experienced on roller skates, we've missed a vital point that it didn't even occur to us to emphasise; in order to become a ramp skater you need to first be proficient at rollerskating on the flat ground. 

While the skatepark is a fun and exciting place to be in, we by no means encourage you to enter this environment before you are competent on your skates on the flat. There are quite a few places you can learn to skate including a local skate rink or your local roller derby league. You could pick up a set of second-hand skates and hit a car park or port, or an area of flat concrete during a non-peak hour. While it might be tempting to skip this step, it is really important that you have the basics of rollerskating locked down before taking to the transition. This will vastly improve your experience in the skatepark. 

So as hard as it might be, we kindly ask that you refrain from tearing up your local mini ramp before you are able to confidently skate laps, transition forwards to backwards, and stop in a variety of ways. Everyone progresses at their own rate, there's no need to rush. Be patient and allow yourself to get to a point where you can not only roll around but you actually have a level of proficiency in skating. Once you're past this stage and have some hours clocked in on your wheels we can guarantee that you're not only going to have a safer experience but you'll progress at a much faster rate on the ramps. 

In conclusion, the more time you spend on your skates, the better! So lace up and get those basics on lockdown and then take to the coping, or as the great Kenny Means says, "Learn to skate flatland well before getting in a pool, then just have fun, it is a blast."

For more help, before you take it to the coping, be sure to check out our tutorials!


Photo: Captured by SoulCaptor, featuring Lady Trample, Hayley Havoc and Gloria Zef

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