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It can be hard to know what the best set-up is required to roller skate in skate-parks, especially if you're new to skating.

Whether you're transitioning a set of derby skates or setting up a brand new kit, here are our top 3 quick tweaks to your roller skates that will make your first rolls in the ramp easy breezy! 

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Intimidation or fun? Why not both? Flammers here form CIB Yorkshire in England. I have been playing around on rails for a good year now and although I can get on, slide and get off I wouldn’t say I had mastered the skills yet. And that’s ok! All in good time... Tell you what though, I do enjoy the feeling of sliding a rail no matter how far I travel! Like most of the stuff we try in the skate park there is usually a way to break it down and approach it from a beginners point of view, and rails are no exception. It doesn’t need to be intimidating, find a nice low rail or build your own for ultimate satisfaction. (See my build idea on Dog Days magazine website)

Here are my top tips for getting started! We all begin somewhere right!

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Custom roller skates are the latest trend to hit the park and with good reason. Customising your skates allows you to get the most bang for your buck while expressing your personal style. By customising your skate you can choose the components that suit you best to get the most out of your skating. CIB works to create products that give you the best experience in the skateparks. If you're looking to build a custom park set up you simply can't go past our hardware.

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Grind Trucks are designed for custom builds. Grind Trucks can be used for skating without trimming down the kingpins however, they will not be 'grindable' until there is full clearance (the kingpins have been shortened or replaced).

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