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During this time we are encouraging our Chapters to take necessary steps to be safe, and encouraging members of our community to take precautions when arranging sessions. We have revamped the basic guidelines we shared at the start of this pandemic but they are still very relevant now

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  We are facing challenging times and these days creativity is acting weird with some of us: one day it strikes hard and you find yourself sewing till 2AM, another day your brain feels dry like an empty pool (I wish I could skate that btw). If today is one of your "low" moments, I got your back, my friends. I personally love handmade zines, even more than printed ones. They are extremely easy to make and to fold, plus if you start from scratch you won't even need a printer. How cool is that? For those of you who...

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Get the most out of your CIB wheels! Knowing which wheels are the best choice for you can be tricky! Sam from the CIB Skate Team has rolled on all our wheels and is here to break down the best deal for you to get the most out of your pump and maximize your hang time!

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It can be hard to know what the best set-up is required to roller skate in skate-parks, especially if you're new to skating.

Whether you're transitioning a set of derby skates or setting up a brand new kit, here are our top 3 quick tweaks to your roller skates that will make your first rolls in the ramp easy breezy! 

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Getting used to the skatepark lingo can take some time, especially as the youngin’s continue to integrate new slang into the conversation. 

Hey, it's all Gucci! We got you covered with our key takeaways for skating the terminology we choose to use to spread the stoke in the park! 

Be sure to continue the conversation in the comments, and remember, everyone makes mistakes, but together we can learn and work to make this community a better, safer place for all! 

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