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It’s good to know the rules and etiquette before you show up. So, before you go tear it up, here are some basic guidelines to help you ease into the flow of the skating world. Please note, this list is not definitive. We just want to list out some basic guidelines so that you, and all the skaters around you, can have a wicked experience. Keep these points in mind and you’re solid, but above all else, stay safe and have a good time.

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Grind Trucks are designed for custom builds. Grind Trucks can be used for skating without trimming down the kingpins however, they will not be 'grindable' until there is full clearance (the kingpins have been shortened or replaced).

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A full list of all quad rollerskating tricks performed in skateparks and street spots from the CIB Crew. 

Most quad ramp tricks are named after their skateboarding equivalent as these were all invented together alongside skateboarders in the 70's. After many chats with the Veterans of Vert, this is the list of trick names we have compiled. Please note we do our best to pay homage to the history of this sport so we derive our terminology based on this president.

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This blog contains information about all parts that make up a quad roller skate, as well as breaking down the add-on hardware that will take your skatepark experience to the next level. 

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You've just discovered a passion for park skating but you have no idea what all those crazy shapes are called! Fear not, we've compiled a full list of all the bits and bob's, bumps, lumps and curves you're bound to cross paths with during your adventures in the skatepark. Now you no longer have to sound like a total noob!

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