Trick of the Month: Jan - EstroKick

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Trick of the Month: Jan - EstroKick

Kicking off 2020 in style!
This year we're excited to share extra tips, trick info and inspiring shots for our #CIBTRICKOFTHEMONTH 

If you haven't heard of EstroJen, then its time to climb out of the rock you've been living under. Founder of Moxi Roller Skates and one of the most notable quad shredders from our generation of park skaters. We're honored to be able to chat with this month's trick-creator and share their top tricks for their name-sake trick!

Read on and get inspired for the Trick of the Month: EstroKick

Filmed by: Miguel Camina (@miguelcamina)
Music by: Kate Bollinger - Tests
Image by: Marshall Garlington (@fxmixer)

Trick name: Estro-kick
Trick description:
Starting forward, backside stall on one skate while the other leg kicks around and up in the direction of the spin, landing fakie into the ramp

Q: What sparked the inspiration for the EstroKick:
A: I naturally did this years ago on camera and it was used in an intro of a tutorial online and someone wrote to me asking how to do it or what it was called it. I never noticed that I did the kick before and never saw anyone else do it. Then, last Thanksgiving, after a bunch of stunt training and learning how to kick and punch on skates, I was eager to make up a trick and decided to play with the levels of that one.

Q: Any trick tips for first-timers:
A: First do it without skates on to memorize the move. (Kicking the wrong foot will twist you up) Next, learn one-footed backside stalls. When you kick back, be sure that your head and shoulders are turning in the direction the leg is and then lower your upper body into the ramp to make the move look more dynamic.

In the video, I demo the regular and switch way to do the kick, since figuring out which foot to stall on may be tricky. I also demo with and without stall blocks so that you can see we don’t need anything special to practice this.

Q: What are you most excited to see come from the #cibtrickofthemonth:
A: It’s exciting to see people inspired and challenged by the CiB Trick of the month. I like it when people put their own sauce on tricks but it’s so hard to make one up entirely. It will be so cool to see where it motivates roller skaters to get creative with the trick suggestions and see how it evolves us!

Q: Will you participate... and if so, do you have an idea of your goals: 
A:  Sure! My goals as a skater this year on ramps are to weaken my propensity to start by turning right and strengthen my left side in all tricks.

Any last words:
Encourage yourself and try not to drill this one. Take baby steps and celebrate little victories until you like the way it looks on film or better yet, the way you feel doing it. The trick has an awesome rhythm to it so it can be really fun to do it confidently

The lower you drop your body the higher the kick will appear.

And THANK YOU CIB! I wish ya'll the most fun playing with this!

EstroJen with an Estro Kick by FXMixer

Thank you for the top tips Estro!!! We're so excited to see ya'll hit the coping and kick off the year in style.
Don't forget to tag #CIBTRICKOFTHEMONTH in your videos so we can check it out!

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