Trick of the Month: Feb - UFO Stall

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Trick of the Month: Feb - UFO Stall

It's a bird, it's a plane, it's a UFO! 🛸

The Trick on the tip of everyone's tongue this month is the UFO Stall! We're stoked to be sharing some top tips with CIB Team roller, Amber aka Wednesday who we think always knocks this trick out with absolute style and flair! 

Read on and get inspired for the Trick of the Month: UFO Stall
Photo by: Handsome Robbie (@handsomerobbie)

Amber - UFO Stall - Handsome Robbie

Trick name: UFO Stall
Trick description:
Webster’s (CIB) Tricktionary defines a UFO stall as:
“A plate stall where you roll your ankles in and stall on the inside edge of your boot”

Q: What is your favorite thing about this movement?
A: Skating for me is 100% about style and flair. The UFO holds a special place in my bag of tricks for this reason. The jarring and jagged angles a body makes when throwing this move are really eye-catching and you’ll never see two the exact same.

Amber - UFO Stall - Handsome Robbie

Q: Any trick tips for first-timers:
A: it can look impossible at first, I remember seeing Fink do this move in a pair of Moxis’ way back and thinking his legs were going to snap in 3 places. It’s an optical illusion mostly. Start small and work out the balance. Then when you’re comfortable, work on the flare - try and extend your feet further apart to create bigger angles.

Q: Name a few skaters who you think knock this move out of the park!
A: Havick (@havoc719), Fink (@huckleberry_fink) & Bantam (@bantamskates) happen to be my favorites. 


Q: What are you most excited to see come from the #cibtrickofthemonth:
A: I think it’s a trick a lot of people don’t try because it looks harder than it is, I’m excited to see everyone give this a go and add their own style to it. 


Q: What variations of the UFO have you tried and are there any you might tackle this month!? 
A: So far I’ve only tried backside variations, oh and the ankle breaker which is resting on the outsides of your boots (pictured below) 

Amber - UFO Stall - Handsome Robbie

I would love to have a go at UFO slides before the month is over! I’m headed out to the skatepark later so maybe I’ll give it a go. 


Any last words:
Don’t be afraid! Commit 100% and give it some sass.

Photos by Handsome Robbie!  

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