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As we continue to revise and update the Tricktionary, we will continue to bring you skater perspectives on terminology, tricks and trick history. This month, on the heels of our revision of the drop-in section of the Tricktionary, we checked in with Dita, creator of the Dita-drop, for a little bit of trick history. In this interview, Dita gives you the rundown on how this drop-in came to be, how you can learn the Dita-drop and how this drop-in can get you prepped for more tricks! Click the link in our bio to read the interview.

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We've revised the Entries Section of the Tricktionary so you can try them all! In this section revision we've added some drop-ins that weren't there before and we've updated all the descriptions for accuracy and clarity. Read more about these revisions and check out some of our favorite drop-in tutorials in our latest blog post.

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As you may know, the #cibtrickofthemonth is the ‘Weddle Grab.’ This trick was formerly named the ‘Mute Grab.’ The original trick name is a term that is both audist and ableist and dishonoured the skater it was named after.  We need to be accountable to the fact that by simply updating the trick list with only a brief note, we perpetuated the erasure of disabled skaters. 

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