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CW:  This blog post contains history that discusses harmful ableist language. CIB is a brand centered around Community. Being part of a community, means being open to feedback, and being willing to listen when called upon to action change. Late in 2020 we were called upon to take a look at the terminology that exists within this community and inside our CIB Tricktionary. There was a specific call for us to address some of the ableist trick names. (Trick History: Weddle Grab)  This blog post serves to address the previous problematic terminology used, to discuss the history behind the terminology...

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As you may know, the #cibtrickofthemonth is the ‘Weddle Grab.’ This trick was formerly named the ‘Mute Grab.’ The original trick name is a term that is both audist and ableist and dishonoured the skater it was named after.  We need to be accountable to the fact that by simply updating the trick list with only a brief note, we perpetuated the erasure of disabled skaters. 

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