Trick History: Deck Grind and Slide

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Trick History: Deck Grind and Slide

CW:  This blog post contains history that discusses harmful ableist language.

CIB is a brand centered around Community. Being part of a community, means being open to feedback, and being willing to listen when called upon to action change. Late in 2020 we were called upon to take a look at the terminology that exists within this community and inside our CIB Tricktionary. There was a specific call for us to address some of the ableist trick names. (Trick History: Weddle Grab

This blog post serves to address the previous problematic terminology used, to discuss the history behind the terminology and to outline the new trick name and the supporting community vote which appointed it. 

Part of making these changes is not burying the history, but instead, identifying the harm caused so that we can understand why these changes are necessary. 

We acknowledge that language holds great power and can be used to inspire or cause harm.

The trick names we are discussing in this blog are Feeble Grind and Feeble Slide. 

The term feeble mind is often used as a derogatory term to describe a person unable to make intelligent decisions or judgments. While the trick name originates from Skateboarding terminology and according to our research supported by information given to us in our trick renaming vote, the tricks were named after Sean Donnelly, nicknamed the Feeb. Not because Sean was less able (as far as we know), but because Sean often had injuries and broken bones from skating. While we can absolutely jive with the trick being named after a skater and this renaming is by no means intended to take away from Sean's achievements, rather to acknowledge the association to an ableist slur. Discussion around the tricks similarities and differences when performed on a Skateboard vs Roller Skates also came to lights and since there is quite a bit of disparity between the trick when it's performed on the different vessels, it is in the communities best interest for us to rename the trick to something that does not trigger or continue to cause harm. 

Which leads to our decision and process of renaming these tricks. In December of 2020, we announced that we would be hosting a renaming vote. The renaming vote had a list of new trick names curated by the CIB Skate Team. The winning trick names were chosen as Deck Slide and Deck Grind and were in the lead by a substantial percentage. We are grateful for the support from the quad skating community to support these changes and to continue to be open to conversations regarding language and accessibility. We acknowledge that while we have an extensive quad trick list, aka Tricktionary, this is likely not the only one that exists and we hope that others chose to adopt these changes in their own terminology as well.

Deck Drop ~ Rolling from the top deck into the transition with one skate drifting along the coping in slide or grind stance. Typically referred to as a Deck Slide Drop-in or Deck Grind Drop-in. See the trick descriptions under Slide and Grind for more info.

Coming into 2021, we have set a goal of identifying and removing harmful terminology and language that exists in our Tricktionary and skating vocabulary. We are grateful for those in the community who have led the charge for these changes and to those who have reached out to us to discuss problematic terminology. Inside the aforementioned vote we also invited members of the community to inform us of language that needs addressing to our attention. We have now opted to keep this form open for submissions of language that needs addressing. 

We also have set a goal of expanding the CIB Tricktionary. We understand that there is much confusion regarding quad skate language and that not all of the tricks listed translate from Skateboarding to Roller Skating clearly. We will have some news coming to the blog and socials soon discussing how we plan to address this with support from the skate community as a whole (including various other disciplines). If you have a correction or want to have a conversation with us regarding language or trick terminology, we invite you to join us in the conversation- email or add it in the comments section of this form

Much like our journey on skates, we are continuously learning and growing. We acknowledge that language holds great power and can be used to inspire or cause harm. Our sincerest apologies to the community for harm we have caused or contributed to by using or promoting language that is hurtful and harmful to various members of the community. We are dedicated to making this community better for everyone. Sincerest thanks to everyone who has helped to hold us accountable.


In solidarity,

The CIB Crew

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