Trick History: The Dita Drop

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Trick History: The Dita Drop

On the heels of our revision of the drop-in section of the Tricktionary, we checked in with Dita, creator of the Dita-drop, for a little bit of trick history. In the brief interview below, Dita gives you the rundown on how this drop-in came to be and how you can learn the Dita-drop too! 

Q: In your words, what is the Dita drop?

A: A 180 drop in which the landing is fakie. There’s a 360 version too!

Q: What inspired you to come up with this drop-in?

A: My very first drop in went terribly and resulted an a black eye… this experience gave me “the fear”. I think learning transition was tricky for me because I was such a heel heavy skater back then, dropping in forward was really difficult for me. The way I got around that was fakie. In fact the first couple years jumping in 180 would start every run for me.

Q: The Dita drop is pretty tricky, how would you advise a skater who wanted to learn this trick?

A: I would recommend learning to catch on all 8 wheels in transition fakie. This can be started while pumping, hoping to toe stops and then popping back to ALL 8 or doing a plate stall and popping back in fakie. Once you have that fakie 8 wheel catch you can start working your way to the 180 drop from the coping a few degrees at a time… start with 90 and then keep going until your at 180! 

Q: The Dita drop puts you in the transition fakie, when you do this drop what is your next move in a line?

A: Depends on the ramp/bowl I guess… if I’m in a mini I would maybe do a 180 plate stall ("halfcab") on the other side or a 360 depending on if I wanted to continue my run fakie or regular. If I was in a bowl tho I’d most likely just carve the whole thing fakie. 

Q: Where is your favorite place to do this kind of drop-in? Mini ramp, bowls? 

A: Any place really! I especially like to pop out to a "boneless" (180 to a toe stop while grabbing the other foot) and then 180 drop back in! 

Q: Is there anything else you want the homies to know about the Dita-drop?

A: I never intended for this to be a trick, it was just a way of life. Pigeon started referring to it as the Dita drop around the time I got started with Moxi, IGORS caught wind of it and it stuck. 

Big thank you to Dita for giving us the background on this drop-in as well as some tips for getting it started. It is especially fun to hear that this drop-in is a gateway trick for that boneless 180 back in! 

Have you tried the Dita-drop? Think you’d like to try the Dita drop? Let us know how it goes in the comments below.

Have you tried the Dita Drop? Let us know in the comments below!

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