Tricktionary Revision Update & Our Favorite Drop-In Tutorials

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Tricktionary Revision Update & Our Favorite Drop-In Tutorials

Tricktionary Entries Section Revision Update:

  • Updated trick descriptions for accuracy and clarity
  • Sit drop-in added
  • Fakie drop-in added
  • Slide/grind drop-in added

We have recently updated the 'Entries' section of the CIB Tricktionary with revisions to improve accuracy and clarity around these drop-ins. Similarly, we have added three drop-ins that were not included before in order to work towards a more comprehensive resource. 

In this blog post, we wanted to bring your attention to some of our go-to drop-in video tutorials. In these drop-in tutorials you’ll learn from some of the world’s best and we hope it inspires you to try all of the entries listed in the Tricktionary!

CIB Crew: Pumping and Drop-ins Tutorial

Our favorite part of this video is when Stella (IG: @stellaj0y) tells us about what made her feel safe when she was learning to drop-in. 

How to Drop-in on Roller Skates with Estro Jen

With years of skating and coaching experience, Moxi Roller Skates founder Estro Jen gives you her expert instruction as well as some helpful tips for a whole bunch of drop-in variations. Check it out and try them all! 


How to Drop In on Roller Skates for Beginners with Evelyn Ivyy

In this step-by-step guide for beginners, Moxi Skater Evelyn Ivyy (IG: evelyn.ivyy) gives you all the info you need to get started with drop-ins.

How to Drop In: The Double Pivot Drop In with Shorty

In this tutorial Shorty breaks down the technique for the double pivot drop-in, a great option for beginning dropper-inners. 

How to Drop-in Fakie with Dita

Creator of the “Dita drop,” in this tutorial Dita herself breaks down how you can learn to fakie drop-in. The fakie drop-in is the second half of the Dita drop, so this one’s worth a watch!

How to Pivot Drop-In with Simon Slays

Another great tutorial for beginners, in this tutorial Simon Slays goes step by step to teach you how to learn a pivot drop-in. 

How to Roll In/Jump In On Roller Skates with Kev & Jaz

For the experienced dropper inner, Kev and Jaz skate you through their techniques for learning to roll in and jump in. 

What’s your favorite drop-in and how did you learn? We’d love to hear from you in the comments below!

As we’ve mentioned before, we understand there is a lot of ground to cover when it comes to revising the Tricktionary. With support from the skate community we will continue to revise this resource. If you have an addition, correction or want to have a conversation with us regarding language or trick terminology, we invite you to join us in the conversation by filling out this form.

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