Tricktionary Reconstruction: We're Revising our Roller Skate Trick List

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Tricktionary Reconstruction: We're Revising our Roller Skate Trick List

Hello CIB Community!

We have begun re-construction on the Tricktionary! After years of collecting trick names, descriptions and visuals, we are at it again. We have delineated our reconstruction into three phases:

Phase 1: Assessment and announcement

Phase 2: Initial revision of existing tricks

Phase 3: Trick renaming/naming with community input!

Our goal for this revision is to make a roller skate-specific resource that is more informative, comprehensive and visually appealing than ever. We are undergoing Phase 1 right now and here’s how we are approaching the revisions:

  • Identifying problematic trick names. By problematic we are referring to trick names that use harmful or offensive language.
  • Identifying trick names that do not work. This includes trick names that have been borrowed from other sports and deserve reconsideration given the specificity of roller skate mechanics.
  • Identifying trick descriptions that could use a little more information so that you can get out there and get it!
  • Compiling a bank of unlisted tricks because as this sport grows, so does the trick list!

Our objective as we revise trick names and collect new tricks is to ensure every trick in the Tricktionary includes the following details: 

  • Trick names with input from the CIB Community.
  • Credit to the trick creator where applicable.
  • Details of the mechanics of tricks.
  • Visual descriptions of tricks.
  • Links to more information about relevant trick history and tricks of the month.

In order to create this juicy resource, we are going to need YOUR help! Stay tuned throughout the revision phases as we will be rolling out polls and surveys to gather your input on trick name revisions, creations, historical insights and more!

If you have recommendations/suggestions for this Tricktionary, please use this form to submit them.

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