CIB Skate Team 2020

Please stay tuned for Skate Team announcement early in 2020!
Applicants, please refrain from contacting our team for updates. We have over 300 amazing applications to process and we want to do it thoroughly. If for any reason you wish to pull your name from the list you can advise us when we reach out to you. Regards, the CIB Crew

Our Skate Team has been rolling since 2014 but as 2020 rolls in we’re looking to expand our crew. For the first time in CIB history, we’re going to grow the team application style! If you have a passion for park skating and think you’ve got what it takes then read on to find out how you could be joining our crew.  

We’re looking for peeps who want to spread the stoke as much as they love shredding the proverbial gnar. 

We have no interest in trolling Instagram for hours and finding the skaters with the biggest #following and most #likes. We’re looking to find the skaters who might not have the #instafame, but have what it takes to inspire and ignite stoke in those around them.

How do I apply? 

Below is a form, it’ll take 15-20 minutes to fill in. Some basic bio info and a fun Q&A! Your answers and skating will speak for themselves. We’ll be checking out your profile to see what your skating is like, we don’t need a specific ‘sponsor me’ reel, but if you want to post some gnarly stuff to the top of your feed so we see it, that’s probably a good idea!

What does being a Skate Team skater involve?

If you already skate, then you’re halfway there! Like many sponsorships, we do ask that you add a few hashtags here and there, but in return, you get some pretty sweet swag!  You don’t have to push codes, or coach, or do anything other than what you do. If you’re successful in making the team, you’re probably already doing the things we want from you!

What is the purpose of the CIB Skate Team?

Simply put, to spread the stoke and strive towards the growth and expansion of park skating. Our Skate Team is our connection to the community and the faces of our brand and sport. They serve as examples to the world of what is possible when you have a set of quad roller skates combined with a fire inside. 

How do I know if I can apply! 

Do you roller skate? If so, you can apply. We’ll be looking for skaters who are showing the signs of passion and progression, but all skill levels are welcome and encouraged to submit! 

Are there any age/gender restrictions?

No, no, nopety, nope! If you roller skate, you should submit! 
PS if you are under 18 we require that you have a parent or guardian present.

Can I apply if I don’t care for social media?

We will be asking to check out your profile because let’s face it, we wanna see you shred! But if Instagram (or social media) is not where you like to host your skating achievements, then you can add any video link in your submission so we can see you doing what you do best! We want to see you skate!

Do I have to have CIB hardware to apply?

That’s a big nope. You can be rolling on any or no hardware. If you make the CIB Skate Team, we’ll be supplying you with brand new Slide Blocks, Wheels and so much more. 

I already have X as a sponsor, is that an issue?

We are looking to sponsor skaters who don’t have conflicting gear sponsorships, so if you’re already being hooked up and supplied with Wheels, Slide Blocks or Grind Trucks, then we will have to take that into consideration. 

We’ve done our best to answer any questions you might have in advance, but if you have any more, just hit up our team at and we’ll do our best to get back to you. 

Important note: NO Racism, NO Homophobia, NO Transphobia, NO Genderphobia, NO Sexism, NO Sizeism, No Ableism, No Ageism, NO Pornography, NO Violence, NO Drugs. Sorry in advance to any proud prejudice gun-toting, body shaming, hate spewing turfs of the world, we’re just not the team for you! Save us all time and skip the application.