Core Values


CIB is a small but dedicated crew, set out to build communities, grow the sport and design skate hardware that enhances the skatepark experience. 

COMMUNITY - CIB Chapters build inclusive and safe communities that aim to educate skaters so that they have the tools to build a long-lasting relationship with the skatepark. With over 300 Chapters across the globe, you can find a crew near you, or start your own.

CREW - CIB is working to grow and promote vertical roller skating aka park skating aka aggressive roller skating... but we're not really aggressive.  We're here to spread the stoke for life on quads! We work to promote the skaters who are pushing the legitimacy of roller skating. We see a future where roller skating is recognised alongside other extreme sports such as skateboarding, surfing, and snowboarding. 

ACCOUTERMENTS - CIB hardware is designed by skaters, for skaters, and produced alongside brands we believe share the same core values and goals as us. We collaborate with artists to share their creations and amplify their designs. 


  • The growth and expansion of park skating 
    • Educational blogs and tutorials to disperse information
    • Hardware that progresses the sport and enhances the skating experience
  • Recognition of the history of this sport
    • Interviews with the original influencers 
    • Blogs to preserve terminology and share information
  • Push the legitimacy of this sport globally 
    • Skate team focused on progressing the sport 
    • Involvement and support in movements and events that highlight the sport
  • Communities to foster the growth of roller skating in skate parks
    • Chapter set-up and support on an international scale
    • Inclusive learning environment through the creation of information
    • Ensure that the children of this scene have a space to grow


A Community of roller skates connecting to spread the stoke.
A Crew of rollers with the goal of pushing the legitimacy of roller skating.
A Brand with a passion for enhancing the skatepark experience. 


Grow, and get involved with our Chapter Community. Our Code of Conduct drives the values adhered to by our international Chapter program.
Since launching in 2014, the Chapter program has spread globally. We’ve seen over 300 Chapters take to the skatepark. In 2020 we are bringing on a Chapter Growth Guru to help support the ever-growing community.

Our Skate Team rolls with the purpose of promoting roller skating and showcasing all that is possible when you lace up and push to the max. They work to foster the growth of roller skating to be recognised alongside other extreme sports. They advocate for the expansion of park skating and stand as roll models within the ever-growing community. 


We work to design and produce the highest quality skate hardware that enhances the skating experience. Our first dabble into the field was our Sliders, which were the first Sliding apparatus designed to be universally installed by the user. Since then, we have continued on our journey to create necessary hardware for roller skaters so they can customise their set-up to make the most of their time on wheels. Our hardware is designed by skaters, for skaters, in partnership with brands that have experience in the industry to ensure our hardware is designed and manufactured to the highest standard.


Where possible, we give out and give back, especially when our Chapters are engaged in supporting local events such as food drives, gear collections or fundraising efforts. 

CIB has shown its support to various causes and organisations through the Chari-Tee, and other such products or promotions where portions of sales or other financial support is given towards charities.

We first started rolling in Aotearoa and whenever possible we stay true to that. Our HQ is based in Tāmaki-makau-rau (Auckland). We support NZ based suppliers and manufacturers wherever possible. Our online apparel is produced by a local screen-printing company ESP, whom we’ve been working with since 2012. When abroad we branch out to other suppliers we choose trusted businesses that are involved in the derby community such as Shameless (US), and Roller Derby Cities (UK). 

We are focused on partnering with brands that adhere to the same core values as us. Where possible we work with small businesses, as we still identify as a small business with a big footprint.
Our current partnerships include:
- Wild n’ Kind Studio, a womxn owned Glasgow based company we produce our Chapter Patches with
- Frogmouth Clothing, USA based, womxn owned company we collaborate with to create and promote our favourite designs created and carefully crafted in Austin, Texas.
- Riedell Skates, a USA, family-owned company that has been working with us to produce our US poured wheels since 2015, and develop and expand our hardware line since 2018.
- WFTDA, an international organization we collaborate with to create events with free access to entry and training from a global collection of coaches. 

Since the start, we’ve done our best to work with and support our skate shop suppliers. We know the value of a brick and mortar store, especially when paired with a knowledgeable store crew. 

Use our platform as a place to showcase new artists. We have been collaborating with designers since the start and always make sure to compensate them for their work fairly, as well as celebrate them for the creatives they are. We have hosted several competitions to find new artists, and always welcome design submissions. 

Most recently we have launched a Meet the Artists series on the blog so you can get to know our collaborating artists even better! 

Our relationships with our crew, suppliers, manufacturers, and customers are key to CIB’s core values and there is an expectation for the following standards to be met over and above the fair-trade standards.

  • Open, honest and respectful relationships with our crew, skate team, suppliers, manufacturers, and customers
  • Ensure all supplier ordering meets our responsible ordering practices. Our long-standing relationships with our suppliers would suggest that this system seems to work for all concerned.
  • Ensure that supplier payments and customer refunds are made in a timely manner
  • Provide wages that meet the living wage standard in New Zealand
  • Offer flexible working hours and job-share opportunities
  • Provide a fair and friendly workplace which is dog-friendly, fun and supportive
  • Create a brand that allows crew, skate team, chapters, suppliers and partners to be proud of their association with CIB

We are working to create a culture free from discrimination that embraces equality, fairness, and respect amongst all regardless of age, gender, ethnicity, musical taste or anything else that anyone might discriminate against.

Create hard-wearing hardware and apparel at a fair price. We are part of the ethical fashion revolution - cheap prices almost always mean someone along the supply chain is paying through losing the quality of life and human rights. We pride ourselves on the longevity and quality of our hardware.

We work to promote healthy boundaries physically and mentally within our Crew and Skate Team. We expect and encourage all members of CIB to rest and recover from any physical activities and injuries, as well as taking breaks from social media and online requirements. 

CIB supports our crew’s mental fitness by creating a working environment that promotes work/life balance and flexibility - this is done through the availability of part-time roles, job share opportunities, and flexible working hours. Our skaters are encouraged to take breaks from social media and skating requirements, especially when recovering from injuries. Our crew and skate team are an extension of our family and we care deeply about their mental fitness.

This is a living document, we will continue to update this as we grow as a brand with this community. 
See also: Code of Conduct

Last Updated: December 2019