About CIB
What does CIB mean?
CIB started off standing for Chicks in Bowls, however in recent times we want to represent and stand for so much more. We started off as a facebook page set up to share the journey of a few kiwi skaters falling in love with park skating. Since then we have exploded into an international community of Chapters, and a company dedicated to designing hardware to enhance the skatepark experience. Oh and we make some pretty good swag too!
What does CIB do?
CIB exists to spread the stoke of roller skating in skateparks by enhancing the skatepark experience. We work to build inclusive and safe communities that educate skaters so that they have the tools to build a long-lasting relationship with the skatepark. Find out more about our story and mission on our About page.
How do I learn to roller skate?
The best place to learn to roller skate is your local roller derby rink. Lots of derby leagues also offer 'learn to skate' programs (and no, you don't have to play derby). Google search to find your local skate coaches and once you're confident on roller skates we can teach you the rest! Tip: Planet Roller Skate have great tutorials for beginners!
How do I learn to roller skate in skateparks
Step 1) Learn to roller skate (super important)
Step 2) Head to our 'Where to Start' page for all our super duper informative blogs to get yourself in the right headspace
Step 3) Watch our 'Tricks in Bowls' tutorials
Step 4) Find your local Chapter
Step 5) Spread the stoke!!!
Do you have a newsletter?

We're so glad you asked! Each month we send out skate mail that's filled with all the best blogs, tutorials, events and skater highlight the community has to offer! Subscribe!



What is the purpose of the Chapters
CIB Chapters are community-run pages that encourage and inspire local skaters to take it to the parks with their quad roller skates. The intention is to use the pages to share info about local meetups, events,  share tips, photos, information, videos of your success, bails, learnings and more. Find your local Chapter!
How do I find my nearest Chapter
CIB Chapters are spread all around the globe! If you want to find your nearest Chapter simply follow this link! Find a Chapter
How do I start a Chapter?
So, you're keen to launch a Chapter in a region that doesn't already have one! That's awesome. If you want to find out more please check out the details here. 
How good do you need to be to start a Chapter?
We're not looking for the 'best' skaters, we're looking for leaders. The CIB Chapters are all about spreading the stoke, so whether you're a seasoned veteran or a newbie who's got a burning fire to learn, you could be the driving force that grows the skate community in your local area. For more details check here. 
How do I join an exisiting Chapter?
Chapters are all inclusive! If you want to skate with your local crew then simply find them on Facebook or Instagram and check out when their next session is. If they don't have regular sessions posted you can contact to arrange a skate. If you want to join as an admin to help promote the growth in the local community then reach out to the Chapter Admin and they'll take you through the steps!
There's a problem with my local Chapter
First step, check your personal drama at the door! No room for that in this community. But if you're having real issues with a CIB Chapter and you think there has been a breach of the Code of Conduct, please reach out and we'll see what we can do. chapters@cibcrew.com


Skate Hardware

Do you sell roller skates?
We don't sell FULL roller skates. We design skate hardware that enhances the skate experience. If you're looking to purchase a full skate setup, contact one of our suppliers and they'll get you hooked up with the good stuff including any CIB hardware you might desire! Find a store who stocks CIB!
Do the Sliders / Slide Blocks work with ______ boot?
The Sliders and Slide Blocks are compatible with a majority of roller skate plates. It does not matter which roller skate boot you use. To find out if the plate you use is compatible please check this handy Hardware Compatibility list we've compiled for you.
How do I find out what plate my roller skate has?
Most standard packages come with a base level plate. We have included some skate names on the Hardware Compatibility chart but if you don't double check, we can't guarantee the fit. Best practise is to contact the store you purchased from to ensure you have the correct plate details and sizing.
Do you make Grind Blocks?
We're sticklers for details so... nope! We make Slide Blocks.If you're not sure what the difference is between a Slide and a Grind, don't fret - just check out our Roller Skate Tricktionary which should break down the difference and if you're still confused, feel free to message us and we'll help massage out the details!
What size Sliders or Slide Blocks do I purchase?
After checking the Full Compatibility Chart, check the Slider Size Chart to find your match. Note some sizes are yet to be listed. If in doubt, email our crew!
How do I install my CIB Slide Blocks?
Because you're a good egg and you checked the Full Compatibility Chart before purchasing you already know that your Slide Blocks match with your plate! Next step, check the Size Chart to confirm which colour adaptor bar (Silver / Black) matches with your plate, and then follow the instructions included in your packet. It should take no longer than 10 minutes.
Can you play roller derby with Sliders on?
You absolutely can! They won't improve you're skating as they serve no purpose in the derby world, but they also won't hinder your skating! Don't believe us? CIB founder, Lady Trample plays derby often with CIB Sliders mounted to her skates.
Can you play roller derby with Grind Trucks on?
We do not recommend it! They are wide which will decrease you're agility and also slow your roll! Plus the increased risk of hog tying (tripping over your own self) increases ten-fold! These are designed for park and street skating only!
What plates do the CIB Grind Trucks work with?
The CIB Grind Trucks are compatible with a majority of roller skate plates. To find out if the plate you use is compatible please check this handy Hardware Compatibility list we've compiled for you.
How do I install my CIB Grind Trucks?
Follow the below link to find our installation method that works for all compatible plates using the CIB Grind Trucks. Installation.
How do I build my own roller skates?
Custom roller skates are the latest trend to hit the park. If you have DIY experience and want to build your own setup, check out this informative blog that breaks down our method. Instructions.
Do you make rollerblades?
We're all about the quad roller skates! That's nothing against blading or ANY other recreation of rolling, but our focus and passion is all about those quads. For the record we don’t make scooters or skateboards either.



Do you have a brick and mortar store?
CIB is an online store only, however, we have a heap of AMAZING stores that stock our products around the globe. If you want to find your local shop follow this link. Find a store!
Where do you send from?
Our headquarters is based in Aotearoa (New Zealand). All orders are packed and shipped from our Auckland base. We ship through NZ Post and all international orders are then transferred through your local courier service.
How do I see my orders status?
You can check your order status by heading to 'My Account'. By clicking on the order it will update you on any details we have confirmed including tracking and notes. You should also receive an email when there are updates.
Is my order tracked?
All orders are internally tracked through NZ Post. If your order takes more than 15 working days to arrive please contact your local postal service using the Tracking number we've provided. If they are not able to provide you with updates please email our team: shop@cibcrew.com
What is your returns policy?
Need to return something you’ve just received? No problem! Please read through our terms of sale below, and of course, contact us if you have any questions. Terms of Sale


Skate Team

Who is on the CIB Skate Team?
The CIB Crew a collection of skaters scattered across the globe. Click through the link to see and up-to-date listing of our crew and find out how to follow their adventures!
How do you choose the CIB Skate Team?
The CIB Crew is hand-picked for their contributions to the skating community. We're not just looking for radical skaters (although that definitely helps). We're looking for individuals who go above and beyond when working to promote the growth of park skating. Want us to see you? Be sure to post on socials and tag #cibcrew and #spreadthestoke so we can keep our eyes on you!
What is #SkaterOfTheMonth?
Each month we choose one skater who has stood out above the rest. There are no strict boundaries, just radical skaters who send shocks of inspiration to our team. If you want to be considered then make sure you're tagging #chicksinbowls on Instagram and who knows! You could be the next one! *Bonus: Each winner gets a $50 voucher for taking out the month!
What is the #CIBTrickOfTheMonth?
Each month we choose a new trick to encourage you to try! If you're new to the trick the goal is to work with the community to unlock it! If you've already got it on lock down, then share your tips with the world! Each month we pick one winning skater who took the trick to the next level. Share your progress with us via Instagram by tagging #cibtrickofthemonth



How do I find out about local events?

The skating network is HUGE and there's always something going on!The best way to stay connected to your local community is to find a CIB Chapter near you.We also send out community updates in our Monthly Newsletter. Be sure to sign up to stay in the loop. Subscribe!
Can CIB Sponsor an event?
We love supporting the roller skater community. If you're looking to host a skating event, competition or large meet up please contact us with a detailed description of the details, location, and date. While we can't guarantee our ability to assist but we'll do what we can! Stay tuned for an event sponsorship link!
Can CIB promote my event?
We're all about pumping up the skate community. If you want to tell us about an event in your area email us the info with as much info as possible and we'll see what we can do. info@cibcrew.com


Questions not answered?
Holler at us via info@cibcrew.com and we'll get back to you with what you need!