Hardware Compatibility

Our compatibility chart has been compiled by our team and dedicated skate builders across the globe. 

Please note, these lists are based on popular quad roller skate plates and have no relation to skate boots. In some instances we have marked down the boot that is often packaged with a plate. Be sure to check your plate brand, name and size before referring to our charts. 

There are some plates that require limited amounts of tweaking for installation. Be sure to check the Size Chart (bottom of the page) to confirm the correct Slide Block or Slider size before ordering. Grind Trucks are one size fits all (provided they are compatible).

We have done our best to compile information on all radially available plates and products. Check the notes for any extra information that may be required for your install before purchasing. 

For best installs we always recommend working with an experienced roller skate builder for the smoothest install experience and ride. Our hardware is stocked in many awesome skate shops around the world! Simply check in and ask if they carry CIB Hardware (and if they don't tell them they should)

Not all sizing information is available yet but we are working to obtain information on all plate sizing.

For more information check the FAQ's page or email our team at info@cibcrew.com

Grind Trucks

You can skate with the Grind Trucks installed prior to shortening the Kingpins but for the intended purpose you will have to shorten the length of your kingpins to allow clearance for the coping to connect with the truck base.

For information on Installation follow THIS LINK to check out the blog. Recommended to read before purchasing.

Slide Blocks

Slide Blocks are mounted by removing the external hardware that holds your trucks in place. Remove all parts, confirm your adaptor bar by checking the Slider Sizing Page and mount the bar. Full instructions available here.




The Slider needs to be longer than your mounting hardware hole length and the slider rail needs to fit inside your kingpin measurements. Confirm your adaptor bar by checking the Slider Sizing Page and mount the bar.

Pro Sliders are only compatible with wide truck set ups.