Getting Started


The hardest thing about starting something new is knowing where to begin. We've done our best to take the guesswork out of park skating. Check out our top tips through the art of blogs and videos! And if you still have questions drop us a line!

New to park skating?
We're doing our best to take the guess work out of it. 
Our skate team has been at it for years and we've collected and collated our top tips, spills and thrills plus some hints for what gear you need and when you need it! 

Here's a list to our most informative blogs for new park skaters!

Head to our TIPS page for blogs dedicated to helping new park skaters enjoy the road to vertical roller skating!


    We have a variety of awesome videos containing members of the CIB Crew. We're constantly working on new content. Stay tuned to check out new content!

    Looking for tutorials? We've got you covered! 

    Check out our Youtube Channel and watch our Tricks in Bowls series to learn all you need to know about taking on park skating! 



    If you're brand new, don't worry about investing in a new set-up just yet. Take some time in your usual skates to make sure you love it (we know you will). Once you've caught the bug, it's worth look into upgrading your gear or even getting a dedicated set-up.

    The easiest upgrade is to swap out your wheels. Big soft outdoor wheels won't do, and you don't wanna ruin your good derby ones! Invest in small hard wheels. 

    The funny white things under our skates - they're called Sliders and they are the sliced bread of park skating. They allow you to drift across the coping or rails in a move called 'Slide'. Slide blocks are work grabbing early on in the game so you don't have to relearn how to stall and drop in with them (which is actually easier). 

    The last upgrade is to invest in wide trucks aka Grind Trucks. These require a dedicate skate set-up (unless you wanna swap trucks every time you lace up - trust us, you don't). The wide trucks give you increased stability when riding vert, but the real purpose is to grind along the coping - there's nothing quite like it. 



    Email our team at and we'll do our best to help you out!