Our Code of Conduct

CIB Chapters are community-run pages that encourage and inspire local roller skaters to take it to the parks.
CIB Chapter Facebook pages are intended to be used to build community, share info about local meetups and events, share tips, information, photos, and videos of the successes, bails, and learnings that are all part of the progression and enjoyment of park roller skating

Many CIB Chapters find community building success by organizing regular meet-ups at local parks while others use their pages to share information about smaller gatherings, coaching sessions, competitions, and other opportunities to connect and engage with the wider skate community. 

Chapters are set up with the intention of cultivating inclusive and safe communities that educate and support skaters so that they have the tools they need to build long-lasting relationships with their local skateparks and skate communities.


Code of Conduct:

This Code of Conduct serves as a fundamental guide to assist with decision making within the community as well as setting a minimum standard of conduct for the community.

In this document we seek to offer guidance should you encounter situations deemed intolerable, including: racism, homophobia, transphobia, sexism, sizeism, ableism, ageism, elitism, gatekeeping, and other harmful situations. We acknowledge that one document cannot provide guidance for every situation nor can it ensure the safety and protection of all folks in this community. However, we hope that the spirit of this Code of Conduct as well as ​​the guidance included can offer a framework and a foundation for your community to flourish.


Who Must Follow the Code of Conduct? 

It is the responsibility of Chapter admins and participants to do their best to create safe spaces for those participating by following the principles of this Code of Conduct. 

We want to emphasise that skateparks are public spaces where anyone can attend at any time. We do not have the ability to control who utilizes these spaces, nor do we believe it is our right. Individuals and groups are responsible for their own behaviors and actions. It is up to individuals to be accountable for their own safety when it comes to navigating skate park spaces. CIB is committed to supporting the Chapters in accordance with the principles of honesty, integrity, and inclusion. The below principles of our Code of Conduct are included in our values and exist in CIB’s culture.


How Do I Address Code of Conduct-Related Questions and/or Infractions?

We acknowledge that this Code of Conduct is an evolving document that we will continue to evaluate and update with the help of our Chapters. If you have any code of conduct-related questions or concerns, please email chapters@cibcrew.com.

In the event a conflict occurs that has you concerned for the safety of yourself or others inside the Chapter community, and if the scope of the situation is beyond an Admin’s ability to manage, please reach out to us so that we can  support you through our grievance procedure. Email chapters@cibcrew.com with as much information as you can provide and we will do our best to support you through this grievance process.

Our Principles:

Exclusion of any kind is not tolerated in CIB Chapters. This includes race, ethnicity, nationality, immigration status, class, caste, religion, belief, sex, gender, language, sexual orientation, gender identity, sex characteristics, age, health, ability, other status, or any other kind of discrimination. Inclusivity also includes the choice of equipment that an individual may be using or riding (inlines, skateboard, scooter, BMX, wheelchair, etc.). Ours are open communities for everyone and should celebrate all who wish to connect and engage in these open spaces. We ask all folks of this community to be inviting and welcoming, to avoid any personal conflicts, and address their individual biases.

Chapter Admins and participants are committed to maintaining the highest degree of integrity when dealing with potential, current, and past members participating in our Chapters. Chapters must maintain confidentiality and the protection of any personal information received in the course of running a Chapter and getting to know your skaters. Data collection and safety is the responsibility of each Chapter, so make sure you have researched local and international guidelines around data safety and storage.

Positive Collaboration
Chapters work collaboratively as a team while acknowledging and valuing each other.  Chapters demonstrate trust and respect thereby creating a supportive skating environment and community atmosphere.

Honesty & Integrity
CIB Chapter relationships are based on mutual trust and respect. Chapter Admins are held accountable for displaying behaviors that support our inclusive culture. Chapter Admins and participants are expected to be honest and act with integrity in all relationships, and as such are expected to avoid conflicts of interest and participation in unethical behaviors. Refer below to the expanded disreputable behaviour section.

Abide by the Law of Your Land & This Code of Conduct
CIB Chapters must abide by the law of the country and region where they are located and are also expected to abide by this CIB Code of Conduct. CIB acknowledges that legalality does not always equal moral or right, and therefore we encourage the prioritization of human rights, confidentiality, and the protection of marginalized groups. 

Personal Safety
As Chapter Admins, it’s important that you ensure all attendees know that they are responsible for their own safety. CIB and Chapter Admins will not accept responsibility for any injuries or incidents that occur at a skatepark or an event. Please ensure that all participants understand the environment and the risks involved. Utilize the many resources available online including the CIB Skatepark Etiquette blog (which we are in the process of revising). CIB encourages all folks to ensure that skaters are fully aware of this. It should also be noted that while encouraging folks to utilize safety equipment, you must also respect someone's decision and right to choose what gear makes them feel safe and comfortable. It is not your place or your responsibility to force or pass judgement on someone for their choice to wear, or not to wear, safety equipment. This also applies to individuals' choices about their own skating progress. No one should ever feel pushed to try things beyond their comfort level.

The CIB Chapters are a not-for-profit social service to spread the stoke of skating. CIB does not utilize the Chapters to make money and Chapters are not able to run for-profit organizations. Chapters are, however, able to fundraise, seek sponsorship and/or support for events, and ask participants to cover event fees such as entry fees for private park sessions. As much as possible we ask Chapters to think about accessibility, both in terms of access, but also to acknowledge that selecting locations with entry fees can be a barrier to participation. Admins and skaters of the community are welcome to require compensation when valuable services such as coaching and guidance are exchanged; however, this is at the discretion of the individuals involved to agree and consent prior to exchange. Admins are able to promote their for-profit activities on their own personal social media but should avoid using any CIB platforms for doing so, whether they be admins' businesses, other skaters', or even skate companies.

Respect the Volunteers
Chapter Admins are volunteers in the community and do not work for CIB nor are they funded by CIB. Admins should not put themselves above other skaters in the community; however, we do ask that participating folks show gratitude for the work that goes into running a Chapter page and organizing community events. A ‘thank you’ goes a long way. In the instance where the Admins aren’t following the COC, we ask folks in the community to reach out to us as per the details above. 

Always Seek Consent
Ask permission for something to happen or agreement to do something. This applies in all avenues of skating and engagements that take place within the skatepark and community. Among others, please be mindful about the following situations: 

  • Waiting your turn to take a line. 
  • Asking for assistance for a drop-in or another trick. 
  • Giving and soliciting feedback. 
  • Asking consent to take a photo or video (or to have someone take your photo or video).
  • Using and sharing content created by others (tagging your photo to a Chapter or page is typically perceived as consent/permission). 

We want to ensure everyone involved is aware of their agency and feels respected. Be a decent human and always ask first.

Respect Boundaries
As per the above, asking for consent or permission is imperative. If an Admin is ‘off duty’ or taking a turn to skate at a session, respect their time and space. Admins have the ability to take their own turns in the park and are not responsible for hand-holding or support during an entire session. Be sure to think about this when corresponding and engaging with Admins and participants of this community both in-person and online. Asking for advice is wonderful; however, do not demand someone's time, support, insight, or information.  Furthermore, it is not realistic to expect admins to be close friends with every skater they encounter at parks or meetups, especially given the sudden growth in the sport's popularity. Admins are not required to invite everyone to a skatepark if they are not hosting a session. Admins are not required to invite everyone to their homes (personal ramps). They are not required to be close friends with every person they meet at a park. It is unfair to put this level of social pressure on the Admins. It is also unfair to expect every person that skates with a chapter to be close friends with everyone in a Chapter. Personal friendships are natural within Chapters and should be expected. This is not an excuse for exclusionary behavior but it also needs to be acknowledged that Admins are not expected to have the same relationship with every person they meet through skating.

Look Out for Each Other
If you see a skater who looks unsteady, scared, or unsafe, consider offering assistance. However, as per the above statements, consent is essential as not everyone wants or needs help so be sure to accept the “no” with respect. If you are aware that someone is being bullied, getting unwanted attention or harassment (someone making crude comments, hitting on, or taking photos without permission), being excluded, intentionally (and continuously) snaked, or other such uncomfortable or harmful situations, try to interrupt harm. When possible, if necessary draw attention and assistance from someone who is in a position to offer support (Admins for example or in extreme circumstances, people in positions of authority if that feels safe to do so). Protect and support each other. Be kind and considerate. The skatepark environment can be an intimidating space. This specifically applies to looking out for and acting in solidarity with trans+, non-binary, gender-non-conforming, Black skaters, Indigenous skaters, skaters of Colour, and other folks who are more likely to be subjected to discriminatory behaviors.  

Disreputable Behaviour 
As skaters in this community, the impact of our behaviors and engagements in the park reach beyond our local Chapter. The way that people perceive or experience your actions and behaviors can shape negative attitudes and stereotypes for the quad skating community as a whole. Intentionally being rude, exclusive, judgemental, or inconsiderate will not only negatively influence your experience, but also the way that other quad skaters are treated in the future. We have a responsibility to the reputation of quad skaters, and skaters in general. 

Think about the negative interactions you have had and how that has shaped your perception of others who engage in similar activities i.e. if you have been snaked by someone, do you now despise folks who ride the same type of vessel? How has this changed your perception of folks on that type of vessel in skateparks? This baseline example for your consideration highlights how your actions both positively and negatively shape the perception of quad skaters.  

In any situation, before you act, stop and think about what you are about to do. You may ask yourself: how would you feel about your behavior being published online? Would you be even slightly embarrassed or ashamed? If you would not be proud then don’t do it. 

The purpose of this section is to provide guidance for specific situations in which ethical issues arise including:

  • Personal Interactions
  • Personal & Community Safety
  • Harmful Content
  • Misrepresentation
  • Confidentiality
  • Misuse of CIB Resources 

Each of the situations detailed below are so heinously bad, they could be viewed as serious misconduct and potential grounds for removal as a Chapter Admin, or for a skater to be blocked from Chapter pages and requested to refrain from attending events*. 

Personal Interactions
Illegal or disreputable behavior including physical abuse, sexual abuse, emotional abuse, theft, coercion, threatening, intimidating, harassing, bullying, discrimination, abusive language, and aggression or fighting with individuals (as in fisticuffs – calm, reasoned, verbal debating is fine).

Personal & Community Safety
Committing any acts which may affect the safety and security of others e.g. skating dangerously, intentionally snaking skaters, and intentionally putting yourself or others in harm's way. This also includes encouraging intoxicated or inebriated skating.

Harmful Content
Distributing any content that may harm a vulnerable individual or group, whether that harm is physical, emotional, or material.

Misrepresenting information including bullying or cyberbullying, making rude or false statements about CIB, Chapter Admins, or participants in the community via social media or any other public forum. This also includes faking/modifying posts, creating false reports, and telling lies in general. 

Sharing confidential information that you are privy to as a result of being a part of the Chapter Admins group or community.

Misuse of CIB Resources 
Using CIB website, social pages, or the Chapter accounts to share offensive, discriminatory, pornographic, harmful, or defamatory material. 

This is a fairly comprehensive list, but it’s not exhaustive. Other things may come up which we haven’t thought of - because we haven’t had to! Please don’t make us!

CIB is dedicated to the smooth and safe running of our Chapters, we are here to support this community. 


*Before someone is requested to refrain from attendance, is blocked from posting to or from a page, or is removed from an admin role, contact via the correct channels and following due process with CIB’s grievance committee must be made. CIB Admins and the wider community are able to request that individuals of the community no longer attend or engage directly with a Chapter if such an event occurs. However, if serious grievances occur, we request that the affected individuals contact for support and in applicable situations in which it feels safe or necessary to do so, contact the police or another appropriate authority. We also need to emphasize that skateparks are public spaces that anyone can attend at any time. 


The Code of Conduct is subject to change at any time at the discretion of CIB management. 

Last updated 17 January 2022