Photographer of the Month Nov: Ragnaroll

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Photographer of the Month Nov: Ragnaroll

We're so excited to celebrate the work of double threat, Ragnaroll.

Ragnaroll is known for his old school moves and throwback style on skates, but we're giving you a sneak peek into the images created when he's behind the lens.

The interview is late but for valid reasons! Kenneth is a busy shredder and is often found gallivanting around the globe with skates in one hand and a camera in the other. Last month he was off to Japan shredding any spots that would let roller skaters in and then got caught up in a skate comp in Barcelona... he's a busy fella, and, needless to say, he does it all. 

Name: Kenneth Dedeu
Alias: Ragnaroll
Pronouns: he/him
Instagram: @_ragnaroll
Location: Barcelona, Spain
Chapter: CIB Spain

Q: When did you first pick up a camera? 
A: When I was 12 years old my father gave me his old film camera, a Fujica Ax-3 with a 50mm lenses. I've nerve stopped shooting since and I still use that camera sometimes.

Peggy Pollock by Kenneth
Image: Peggy (@peggy_pollock) by Ragnaroll

Q: What inspired you to take up skatepark photography? 
A: Skating itself. When I see skaters shredding I feel like I would like to point them with the spotlight, doesn't matter what the level of the skater I want to portrait roller skating in all its styles and angles. I think with photography I have the opportunity to show to the skaters themselves how amazing they are and help them build confidence so keep progressing.

Q: Who are your biggest influences?  
A: I am influenced by a lot of artists and photographers but to be honest, the kind of skating photography I am taking now has more to do with the skaters and capture the moment, the immediacy, rather than artistic goals. 

Caro by Ragnaroll
Image: Caro (@caro.rollrsk8) by Ragnaroll

Q: Since you also skate, would you say that your skating has influenced your photographer (and vice versa)? 
A: Definitely, as a skater, I do the trick thinking about how the picture will come out and when I shot I also think as a skater, the right moment to take the snap to show the trick in the best way, the angle where you can see the spot. Sometimes it is good to think out of the box and come out with more creative angles and approaches I love that, but at the same time decades of skating and seeing skating pictures, it's burned into my mind the idea of how a skating shot has to look like.

Unknown skater from UK by Ragnaroll
Image: Unknown shredder (please help us find them) by Ragnaroll

Q: When shooting at a skatepark, what are you hoping to capture? 
A: There is a little bit of an internal conflict between the photographer in me who wants to portrait the scene and the emotion in a more artistic way and the skater who wants to shot his friends... At the moment I am focusing the most in new skaters, and taking high-quality shots as I would like to do, sometimes is harder, like if I bringing my flashes, plan spots, the time for the best light, etc that pushes away some people making them feel more pressure so what I do now is trying to be as less intrusive as possible and more casual, even I am shooting a lot with GoPros or even the phone sometimes, which as a photographer might sound like a crime but really for online use and social media that actually works. For my personal projects and for work I use totally different cameras and a different approach of course. 

Q: What do you enjoy the most about capturing this scene? 
A: In one hand the magic of capturing something that would have passed unnoticed, it is either a figure while skating, an emotion or just a scene that might feel natural at the moment but when you look at the picture later you realize how unique was it, I had a lot of these moments with the Skate Love BCN event. On the other hand just the reward of seeing a skater happy and excited for having a picture of themselves. As skaters, we never know when we will get injured, when life will push us away from skating, and every picture or video is a very precious memory.

Chiqui by Ragnaroll
Image: Chiqui (@chiqui.i + our SOTM Dec) by Ragnaroll

Q: Have you had any stand out sessions? 
A: I had a commission by Dogdays for Skate Love event, which was a little unplanned and last minute but loved to be at the event shooting! I also did a shoot with Barbie for Chaya, both in collaboration with my partner Johanna Pardo.

Q: Favourite trick to capture? 
A: Mostly tricks that are unique to roller skating, like toestop tricks, split airs, stalls,... there is some grace and elegance in roller skating stalls that you can't find in any other action sport.

Bomba by Ragnaroll
Image: Bomba (@bomba_hache) by Ragnaroll

Q: Dream skater to shoot with! 
A: Too many! I would love to shot some old school heroes like Tim Altic, Brian Wainwright or Rene Hulgreen if he was skating... Kianayouwanna, Olivia Wardlow, Max Mead, AJ... but especially with the Argentinian and Colombian community, the scene there seems amazing with so many talented skaters!

Q: One piece of advice for anyone looking to get involved in skatepark photography? 
A: Don't wait to have the perfect camera and your dream equipment, nowadays we have access to so much technology, start shooting today with what you have and slowly you will get there! don't shot from a corner of the skatepark, get close to the skaters and get the skaters involved in your work they are not models or still life, as a photographer you can be an active part of the skating community, just look at people like Marshal in the US (@fxmixer) this is highly rewarding for everyone and you will get better shots.

Katja by Ragnaroll
Image: Katja (@kateskatess) by Ragnaroll

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