Aluminium Insoles

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If DIY is in your DNA then you're probably the kind of skater keen to build a custom skate set-up! We've taken some of the work off your hands by pre-fabricating aluminium insoles specifically made for skate shoe roller skates! 
The sizing is based off US Mens Van Sizing. 

Insoles are sold as pairs (one for each foot) and are hand cut out of 2mm Aluminium. Our design takes installation and skating functionality into consideration. The end of the insoles are trimmed just past the ideal mounting length for your plate. This is to avoid the insole crunching your toes upon contact. 

Backordered Insoles can take up to 3 weeks for processing. To confirm the timeline best to contact before placing your order.

Sizing: Our insoles are based off US Mens sizing. We recommend sizing down so if you are using a boot that is 5.5 US Mens, purchase a size 5 insole.